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5 Tips For Picking Your Wedding Music

“Hey DJ, won’t you play that song? To keep me dancing all night long!”

There’s so many reasons to love weddings, but at the end of the day, let’s face it, everyone love a good party! And a good party needs great music, right? When it comes to your wedding tunes, you want it all to be perfect, so here are 5 tips guaranteed to help you get the party started.

1 Consider the moment

Does it seem like an appropriate choice to walk down the aisle to? Is it the song you always want to remember for your first dance? Or is it to kick off the reception and get everyone on their feet. Keep in mind what the song is being used for in order to set the right tone.


2 Let it reflect you as a couple

You should pick songs you can relate to, that have meaning to you or your culture, or that you at least know you love. No one wants to head into their ceremony or reception hearing a song they aren’t very fond of.


3 Remember your guests

Try to consider the audience of people attending your special day. While you both may love rap and want it played at the reception, your grandmother may hate it. Throw in a song or two that you know will make her happy. Having a few songs for a variety of genres and age groups is guaranteed to keep everyone happy to be there.


4 Variety is the spice of life

We already talked about genres and appealing to different age groups, but don’t forget to mix it up in other ways too. Toss in a few slow dances along with some great party dances that crowds always get on their feet for.


5 Remember that it’s your day

It’s YOUR wedding and there’s technically no right or wrong way to do anything. Go with your gut and choose what makes you happy as a couple. You don’t HAVE to walk down the aisle to “Canon in D.”

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20 replies on “5 Tips For Picking Your Wedding Music”

I’ve been thinking about getting a wedding DJ for my daughter’s wedding, and I think that being able to get some helpful tips would be good. I’m glad that you talked about picking songs that you can relate to, and I think that getting a DJ to help with that would be good. I’m going to have to see if we can find a good DJ for them, and hopefully have someone who will help make their wedding special!

Max, congratulations on your daughter’s engagement and upcoming wedding. It is pertinent to find a great DJ to play familiar songs with the guests. A good DJ will typically ask for must play and do not play lists which I highly recommend that you provide. Good luck on your search and have a great event.

You made a good point to “consider the moment” when choosing the right music for an event such as a wedding. It is important that you decide on a song that would make you remember that precious event a year or two from now. It’s what you can probably call your “theme song.” Also, you may want to consider if the song or music is indeed appropriate for the event and the guests. You certainly wouldn’t want to unintentionally offend someone because of the lyrics of the song. If I were to play music in a special event, I would definitely take this into account. Thanks.

Thanks for sharing your article about choosing a wedding music. I’m organizing my sister’s wedding. One of her requests is to have a band to play during the reception to make sure that the guests will be entertained well. This is why I totally like that you talked about how you should consider the audience of people attending your special day. In my opinion, it is best to pick a band that will play songs for all ages so all your guests will feel connected. I will make sure to remember all your tips.

My son is going to be having a wedding, but he’s not sure what to do for a DJ. It makes sense that he would want to be able to pick the music! That way he can ensure that the DJ plays stuff that he enjoys.

You are right Braden. He aides the DJ in the type of music he plays by providing the DJ with a playlist and a do-not play list. Then the DJ will study his style of music and mix up at the wedding. Congratulations to your son on his upcoming wedding. Have fun with the process.

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I loved when you mentioned how you should take the time to consider the type of guests and how many of them are attending your wedding before choosing a venue. It is important to remember that doing this and comparing several reception venues can help you find the best one that can provide the help you need with your special day. My son is getting married in a few months and wants to make sure he finds a wedding venue that can accommodate his style and the type of wedding they want, so I’m glad I found your post.

When you said to switch up the music so that all music tastes are met in a stylish way, I immediately agreed. This is so important to my fiance and I for our big wedding day. While we look for a wedding DJ, we will look into this to make sure everyone has a great time.

I do like that the article recommends keeping your guests in mind when choosing wedding music. After all, you’d ideally want to choose something that you love and that is appropriate for your wedding day. However, it is important to remember that it is your wedding, so your guests’ tastes should not be the final deciding factor.

I appreciate your advice to keep a wedding playlist full of variety with slow dances and party dances. I am getting married next year and we are considering different entertainment options. If I were to hire a band or a DJ, I would want them to play a lot of variety, on top of our favorite songs.

My cousin is getting married at the end of this year, but still hasn’t chosen music for the reception. I like your point about choosing songs that have meaning to the couple or culture. I’ll be sure to recommend this to him so he has songs that him and the bride both enjoy.

I have a friend that is going to be looking for a wedding venue soon and I wanted to look up a few tips. I really appreciated how it talked about remembering your guests. I agree that considering the audience of people attending your special day is important.

Yes, the right music can have a MASSIVE impact on a wedding.. It’s gotta be just right and styled to the personality and atmosphere of the event. Down side is that you cant please everybody.. theres always gna be that one person who thinks its too loud, or not appropriate, etc.. LOL, I’ve been to enough weddings to know to make absolutely sure that I have all stuff prepared to create the best environment.

Thanks for the tips on picking the right wedding venue for your big day. I agree that you want to find a place that you feel reflects you as a couple and your relationship. My sister is planning on getting married next year; I will be sure to share this with her.

My cousin has been thinking about putting together his wedding so that he is prepared and his fiance will be less stressed about everything. He would really like to get the music taken care of by a professional and get something that will be life and from a professional. I liked what you said about how they should have a mix of genres to keep everyone happy while still being mainly the music they want.

Thank you Adam! Yes, a professional DJ is highly recommended. Your cousin can put together a list of must play and “DO NOT PLAY” for the DJ. It will help DJ map out the genre of their guests.

I’m glad that you talked about the importance of choosing a music band that all the guests will enjoy. My fiance and I are going to get married soon, and we are looking for advice to choose the right wedding music band. We’ll definitely discuss this topic, and see what’s best for us.

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