Noela- Dallas, Texas

Mimi Ebichi Events provided very responsive bespoke services during my wedding. I’m happy there’s finally a wedding planner that has embraced providing services to the huge multicultural demand that’s been wanting for so long to the expressed.

The services were very professional, we practically put our feet in the air, was very impressed by the Nigerian band she sourced, we danced the night away. Our guests are still calling to get her contact. The caterer she recommended provided gorgeous African meals, the wedding cake is stuff heaven is made of. And the lighting created an awesome ambience. The venue was simply the best, great location and very beautiful decor.

I love to impress and she channeled my inner strengths. I must confess that I can be very critical; this time there was hardly anything to complain about. My parents kept making some changes and she was patient enough to respect their wishes by incorporating it in a way that did not get me riled up, for Africans respect is high and she scored a good one with them.

It was all win-win, my husband had the African wedding he’s only watched on YouTube and M.E.E brought it to life. I highly recommend the services of Mimi Ebichi Events, We got value for our money, our expectations were surpassed and our guests cannot stop talking about the great time they had at our wedding. It was a great blend of intimate yet luxuriously loud party just the way a Nigerian would love it!!”

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