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Beauty Regimen Tips for Brides

Most brides tend to get anxious on the days leading to their BIG day. While prepping up for a wedding is inevitably overwhelming with demands and pressures, your beauty regimen must not suffer. So for all the soon-to-be brides out there, listen up!

1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

The number 1, and we mean the most sacred rule in skincare is to always moisturize your face at all costs. People who live in cold climates must abide by this rule at all times. If you are a bride who plans to do the wedding in the cold season, better learn to moisturize religiously as nobody wants dry, flaky makeup during the big day!

2. But first, hydrate!

In the previous item, we talked about the value of moisturizing your skin. Although it is pretty easy to follow this tip, it gets more difficult when we ask brides to keep track of their hydration level by drinking an ample amount of water every day. So ladies, always drink your water and always remember that there’s no better skincare than your H20!

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3. Face masks are your best friends.

The few nights before the wedding, face masks will be your best friend. Wearing a face mask especially the night before the wedding will help keep the skin moisturized and plump even after wearing heavy makeup for the whole day. Plus, the glow is really just different the morning after wearing your fave mask!

4. Don’t forget the lips, too!

Now, this is a common mistake from the brides’ department. When doing a full skincare routine at night, do not ever, ever forget to include your lips too. Lip scrubs and lip balms are everywhere in the market, but organic ones are always the best (e.g. beeswax balms). Exfoliating and moisturizing your lips will give you that luscious feeling when applying a lippie. But most importantly, we certainly do not want chapped, flaky lips!

5. Hair mask, anyone?

Of course, how could we forget the hair? Haircare is very essential in the preparation of your final bridal look. When you want those locks to stay intact and volumized, putting on hot oil or a hair mask would do the trick. Giving much attention to the roots and strands of your hair will spare you from unnecessary hair damage caused by the excessive heat of the curling iron or hair straightener.

6. Sleep early!

And again, there is no better way to complete a beauty regimen than by sleeping early! Having enough and restful sleep naturally (and largely!) helps the skin cells to repair and replenish themselves after one full day of work. Plus, the glow and the vibrant of your overall look will become extra stunning with the magic of a complete sleep! So before hitting another “next episode”, think about all the zits that could potentially come out days before your wedding!


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