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The Ultimate Fall Wedding Guide

Fall weddings make a romantic backdrop for the start of your marriage. In fact, it is now the most popular season to get married! The changing colors of foliage, the cool air that signal cuddle season, the welcome treats you can add to your menu – all these make an autumn wedding an affair to remember.

We have done a lot of weddings during the fall or autumn. It has brought out a unique character into a couple’s special day. Even the guests enjoy the cozy, rustic theme of a fall wedding. If you have selected a date for this type of season, here is a complete FAQ guide you can use as you start making notes with your wedding planner.

Best Ideas for Fall Weddings

What colors are in this fall season for weddings?

Warm, earth colors are usually the go-to palettes for fall weddings. However, you can go a bit playful and incorporate other hues. The key is to balance or complement these with the traditional colors of fall. Try these and match them with the venue surroundings:

  • Blue and Green
  • Beige and Copper
  • Brown & Yellow
  • Blue & Coral
  • Dark Gray & Shades of Pink
  • Light Gray & Deep Blue
  • Black & Metallics

What are some wedding fall decor ideas?

You can be creative and use the season of autumn as inspiration for some wedding decor ideas, like:

  • Rustic table accessories
  • Dried florals
  • Pumpkins
  • Berries
  • Foliage
  • Jute-made materials
  • White linen

What are the best wedding settings to take pictures of fall colors?

The season of fall is already beautiful in itself so it will not be hard to look for the perfect setting for a photograph. Here are some tips you can use:

  • Do a nature shot with the full colors of autumn on display
  • Use leaves/foliage as accessories or props in your photographs
  • Don’t forget the “Golden Hour” – that window of time just before sunset during fall is spectacular!
  • Go for cozy settings – use a shawl or wrap, drinking-hot-cocoa-scene, a snuggle with your beloved
  • Simple, couple shots amidst an outdoor background will always do the trick

What are fall wedding reception ideas?

You can do an outdoor wedding in the center of nature so everyone can experience the beauty of autumn. Just be ready for temperature changes. Have garments ready for guests if the temperature drops too low. 

You can also do a barn wedding. It’s perfect for this season as it feels cosy/homey.

A rustic wedding reception theme is also beautiful to set up during autumn.

What are some of the best styles for an autumn bridal dress?

You can choose whatever style of bridal dress for your fall wedding. What is most important is you are comfortable and ready for any changes in temperature. 

The style and design of your wedding dress can include the floral shapes of the season. You can also go rustic by having a lacey bodice. It can also try a shorter dress if you like, especially if you will have an outdoor, close-to-nature wedding theme.

What are some ideas for your fall wedding bouquet?

Take advantage of the flowers in bloom this season like:

  • Garden Roses
  • Dahlias
  • Cymbidium Orchids
  • Amaranthus
  • Pampas Grass
  • Calla Lilies
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Succulents

What are some ideas for fall wedding favors?

Fall invites us all to be creative with heart-warming gifts and favors. You can DIY, purchase, or hire someone to make handmade favors for your guests with the fall theme in mind. Some ideas include:

  • Scented fall candles
  • Pumpkin-shaped soap
  • Personalized mason jars
  • Mini bottles of maple syrup
  • Ginger-spice or pumpkin cookies
  • Plaid throw blankets
  • Succulents
  • Jars of jam
  • Maple candy
  • Wooden tealight holders
  • Tea leaves

Fall Wedding Venue Checklist

  • Research & review ceremony venue options.
  • Book your ceremony venue and add the venue, contact information, invoice and payment details to your checklist
  • Purchase required site/liability insurance, additional insured requirements or permits for the venue, if required.
  • For outdoor ceremonies, determine a contingency plan for inclement weather.
  • Have a final site walk-through as needed.
  • Provide timeline, final layout, final guest count & vendor list to the ceremony venue, as needed.

TIP: Have just one venue or at least two that are close to each other. Hold your ceremony and reception in one venue so as to minimize transport issues.

How to Best Prepare for a Fall Wedding?

Hire a wedding planner who knows her way during this season. Check your venues and make sure they are autumn-ready. Prepare for temperature changes. Prioritize your guests’ comfort by allocating wraps, shawls, etc. Maximize the beauty of surroundings during fall.

Why Choose Mimi Ebichi Events?

Mimi Ebichi is a professional wedding planner in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland areas. Our team has a wealth of experience and success stories in both local and international wedding events. We specialize in multicultural weddings

As event designers, we deeply value relationships, culture, and trust. Hence, we strive to provide the most stress-free, and beyond-your-imagination wedding experience for any season, the whole year through.


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What to Look for in a Full-Service Wedding Planner?

When planning for a wedding, hiring a full-service wedding planner may have probably crossed your mind. Though it can be overwhelming to search through their services and identify which ones are essential for you, we have listed down some of the most vital services to spot on when hiring events and wedding planners! 

1. Conceptualization

What to Look for in a Full-Service Wedding Planner?

The first and foremost step to break the ice in your wedding preparation is to hire a professional to help you. Your reliable wedding planner will help you develop an initial concept that entails the wedding theme, styling, and the overall feel of the event. 

2. Budget creation and management

One of the most crucial stages in wedding planning is the planning and creation of a budget. Although it is expected that you already have a ball figure before actually hiring a wedding planner, seeking professional advice will give you insights on how to maximize and manage your wedding budget wisely. Hence, hiring a professional wedding planner includes availing their expertise in budget creation and management. 

3. Wedding checklist and schedule creation

It is known for a fact that preparing for a wedding takes much of your time, and it may be difficult to juggle other responsibilities aside from the wedding preparations. But, wedding planners are there for a reason. Known to be the masters of time management, professional wedding planners take pride in their ability to squeeze in all pre-wedding activities within the allotted months of preparation. And because of that, there is no need to worry about missing out on an important wedding errand or running out of time!

4. Vendor recommendations and contract negotiations

Wedding planners are there for a reason or two – and most of the time, their connections really do matter! When you hire a reliable wedding planner, that trust extends up to the wedding vendors that they recommend, and you just know that these vendors are the seasoned experts in the wedding industry! This aspect spares you from so much worry about hiring the wrong team of suppliers, and your wedding planner may even help you come up with good contract negotiations! 

5. Venue and events management

What to Look for in a Full-Service Wedding Planner?

Who wants to stress about the venue and event on their very own wedding day? You certainly do not want to picture yourself stressing about the insufficient number of chairs while in your wedding dress. Hence, hiring a professional wedding planner saves you from unnecessary stress by managing the logistics needed for the venue and the overall event. 

At Mimi Ebichi Events, we make sure to take care of each and every wedding preparation for our clients – just what any couple would dream of. As masters of creativity and time management intertwined, we make your dream wedding come to life. Book a FREE consultation with us today! 

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How to Relax on Your Wedding Day (and be a calmer bride!)

Months before the wedding day, the preparation always gets more stressful as it nears the big day. For a bride who got the most hands in all the wedding details, it might be difficult to find some downtime and relax. Below are some ideas on how to relax on your wedding day and become a calmer bride!

#1: Have a good night’s sleep

One of the golden beauty secrets of happy and glowing women is having a restful night before a big day. Brides must be well-rested and have complete hours of sleep the night before their wedding. A quiet night full of rest and peace makes the bride calmer, energized, and more confident to go on through a day’s worth of merriment.

#2: Go for a full body massage

As seasoned wedding planners, we dedicate one full day to a spa appointment for our brides. This day is included when we plan out the whole wedding preparation timeline and schedule of activities. We believe that our brides deserve only the best quality of pampering and so we strongly encourage them to go for a full body massage. This allows their bodies to recover and recharge from stress and all other physical demands from the wedding preparations.

How to Relax on Your Wedding Day (and be a calmer bride!)

#3: Visit the salon

Along with going to the spa, it is also important to find time in visiting the salon before the wedding day. Brides need their regular visits to the salon most especially when the big day is fast approaching. This is the perfect chance to glam up the bride’s nails, hair, and practice the hair and make-up for the big day. Going to the salon not only is relaxing but is also a great way to boost the bride’s confidence and make her feel good about herself. 

#4: Pamper your skin

A bride’s beauty regime is very crucial to achieve a stunning glow on the day of her wedding. Pampering the skin also means allowing it to rejuvenate and re-energize using the bride’s holy grail skincare routine and products.

#5: Eat healthily and clear your mind

Most importantly, the key to becoming a calmer and happier bride is to eat healthily, sleep peacefully, and have a clear mind. Cut out some junk foods and a high-calorie diet to avoid feeling bloated on the day of your wedding. 

For all the soon-to-be brides out there reading this, it is very important to trust the people who work for your wedding especially your wedding planner. Entrust them with the faith and reliance that everything will go as planned and the wedding will be as smooth-sailing as possible. Being all stressed out and worried is every bride’s nightmare and so it is vital to relax on your wedding day and become a calmer bride.

Do you want to hear more bridal and wedding tips from us?

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Wedding Veil 101: To Wear or Not to Wear

Veil or no veil? You decide.

While it is traditional that brides wear a veil on their wedding day, it’s optional. Did you know that it was initially used by the Roman brides to disguise herself from any evil spirits who wanted to ruin her happiness?

Wedding Veil 101: To Wear or Not to Wear

Whether you choose a customized or traditional kind of veil, we love being a part of selecting the fabric and stones as well as witnessing the bride’s favorite flower and wedding date hand-sewn onto the veil.

Here are some of the factors that you might want to consider in deciding to wear a veil or not:

1. Strong traditional roots.
If you are deeply connected with your strong cultural or traditional roots, then there is all the more reason that you wear a veil. Wedding veils, for most cultures, uphold a significant meaning or representation of a cultural value. There are couples who opt to have a sacred and sacramental wedding ceremony by honoring the symbolic value of the different wedding elements such as the veil.


2. Ceremonial
This is quite related to the first factor mentioned. If you want to have a ceremonial moment of ‘unveiling’ your wedding veil at the altar, this might be the best option. A well-versed and reliable wedding photographer and/or videographer will surely capture this moment as one of the wedding highlights.


3. To give accent and style
One of the many purposes of wearing a wedding veil is creating an accent and adding a touch of elegance to your wedding gown. The veil shares the spotlight with the bride’s overall fit as she walks down the aisle. In addition, most wedding pictures give special attention to the veil laid all over the ground up to the bride’s crowning glory.

Wedding Veil 101: To Wear or Not to Wear

4. Consistency
However, if you want to remain consistent with your ensemble throughout your wedding day, wearing a veil might not be the best option for you. Wedding stylists all agree upon a preference that wedding veils should only be worn during the wedding rites and not until the wedding reception. If you plan to stick with a consistent style for your wedding fit, it is best to consider a wedding look that suits both the wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

5. The Wedding Dress
Since the wedding veil shares the spotlight with the wedding dress, brides should consider the style of the bridal gown first. If the dress has an opulent, intricate, or an open cut at the back, wearing a wedding veil will cover up or take away that part of the dress.

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Whether it’s a go or a no, wearing a veil for your wedding is completely up to your personal preference. We love being a part of your special day by delivering you the best and top-of-the-class styling advice from the details of your dress to the themes of your wedding reception. Mimi Ebichi Events is committed to serving with passion and excellence in weddings and events.

Do you want to hear more wedding tips from us? Book a free consultation today!

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How to Hold Your Bridal Bouquet: 3 Tips

The right hold is everything! Your bouquet is a lavish and iconic wedding accessory that puts accent and statement in your overall wedding fit. While it is highly important to invest in a great floral designer, knowing how to hold your bouquet properly is just as important. Throughout our years of experience and craftsmanship in this field, we observed a good number of know-hows of holding a bouquet that might help you flaunt your glam in the aisle!

1. Hold it at the navel/belly button.
The rule of thumb when holding your bouquet is to put it in the right placement. Always place your bouquet at the level of your navel/belly button. This makes your dress and your bouquet well-coordinated, especially in different camera angles (trust us, your videographers will thank you). When your bouquet is held at the lower part of your body, it gives an accent and contour on your gown that will want to highlight as you walk along the aisle.

2. Always be relaxed.
A big no-no when holding your bouquet and walking down the aisle is having tensed shoulders and arms. It is important to hold your bouquet in a relaxed yet firm manner. Having tensed arms and shoulders will make you look stiff and will instantly shut the confidence off. When this happens, it could result in a poor result of videography and photography even after your wedding. So remember, just feel the moment and put on that confidence when flaunting your fits.

How to Hold Your Bridal Bouquet: 3 Tips

3. Highlight all the right parts.
When walking down the aisle, it is definite that your face should be the focal point. However, to achieve this, you should also incorporate your posture, gown, and bouquet. You do not want to hold your bouquet higher than your belly button as this makes your face the secondary source of attention only. But instead, you want to balance everything by making sure your face is directed in the middle (not too leaning) while your bouquet is held downward.

At Mimi Ebichi Events, we make sure our craft and expertise are not only limited to wedding and events planning but also extends even to the details of styling and artistry. Our team is committed to giving you excellent service and assistance from your pre-wedding up until the post-wedding. (READ: Honeymoon Destinations That Will Top Your Wedding

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Beauty Regimen Tips for Brides

Most brides tend to get anxious on the days leading to their BIG day. While prepping up for a wedding is inevitably overwhelming with demands and pressures, your beauty regimen must not suffer. So for all the soon-to-be brides out there, listen up!

1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

The number 1, and we mean the most sacred rule in skincare is to always moisturize your face at all costs. People who live in cold climates must abide by this rule at all times. If you are a bride who plans to do the wedding in the cold season, better learn to moisturize religiously as nobody wants dry, flaky makeup during the big day!

2. But first, hydrate!

In the previous item, we talked about the value of moisturizing your skin. Although it is pretty easy to follow this tip, it gets more difficult when we ask brides to keep track of their hydration level by drinking an ample amount of water every day. So ladies, always drink your water and always remember that there’s no better skincare than your H20!

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3. Face masks are your best friends.

The few nights before the wedding, face masks will be your best friend. Wearing a face mask especially the night before the wedding will help keep the skin moisturized and plump even after wearing heavy makeup for the whole day. Plus, the glow is really just different the morning after wearing your fave mask!

4. Don’t forget the lips, too!

Now, this is a common mistake from the brides’ department. When doing a full skincare routine at night, do not ever, ever forget to include your lips too. Lip scrubs and lip balms are everywhere in the market, but organic ones are always the best (e.g. beeswax balms). Exfoliating and moisturizing your lips will give you that luscious feeling when applying a lippie. But most importantly, we certainly do not want chapped, flaky lips!

5. Hair mask, anyone?

Of course, how could we forget the hair? Haircare is very essential in the preparation of your final bridal look. When you want those locks to stay intact and volumized, putting on hot oil or a hair mask would do the trick. Giving much attention to the roots and strands of your hair will spare you from unnecessary hair damage caused by the excessive heat of the curling iron or hair straightener.

6. Sleep early!

And again, there is no better way to complete a beauty regimen than by sleeping early! Having enough and restful sleep naturally (and largely!) helps the skin cells to repair and replenish themselves after one full day of work. Plus, the glow and the vibrant of your overall look will become extra stunning with the magic of a complete sleep! So before hitting another “next episode”, think about all the zits that could potentially come out days before your wedding!


In Mimi Ebichi Events, we make sure all our brides are relaxed, happy, and look their best on their wedding day. We partner with professional and trusted hair and makeup artists to give you that amazing bridal glow.

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It’s true that there is no wedding without a bride or groom, and it is also true that beautiful and successful weddings happen with a qualified team of vendors. Your vendors specialize in different areas such as floral design,  Entertainment, decor rental, design, cake design, catering, wedding planning and the list continues.

  • Choose a vendor who meets and offers your style. If you love to incorporate your culture into your event, ensure that your vendor loves cultural events and has been involved in at least one or two events.

Image by D3D Entertainment Photography and Videography

  • Ensure they are currently registered and have at least general liability insurance. This will give you peace of mind.
  • Budget: I know you love pinterest and instagram but make sure that the vendor can work within your budget. In the wedding and event planning industry, you get what you pay for. Be upfront about your budget with your potential vendor so they can provide you with the best value for your investment.

Image by Cynthia Bennett Photography

  • Honesty: This virtue will save you time and give you value. Be honest with your vendor about your budget, your guest count and scope of the event. This is the only way we can serve you properly. For example, if you plan to have 150 guests and tell your venue you’d only have 100 guests, you are setting your event up for disaster. This is so because your caterer will be less 50 meals, your venue that has set up for 100 may charge premium for last minute change of head count and sourcing chairs etc. It’s simple: be honest and we will find the best possible way to accommodate your needs.
  • Communication: Be discerning and know what you want. Your vendors will rely on your transparent, honest and open communication to design and deliver your dreams. If you aren’t good with email response, please communicate that ahead of time. Be very clear and kind with your delivery so as not to hurt your vendors. Happy vendors=beautiful and timely event=ecstatic, overjoyed couple and guest.

While you digest these part 1 of how to develop and achieve successful vendor relationships, take a look at this stunning inspiration.

If you’re looking for the right team to put together your Multicultural wedding in DC, Virginia, and Maryland, contact Mimi Ebichi’s team to make your dream wedding come to life! We have a comprehensive list of wedding vendors who can cater to your personal requests.


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