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When Is The Best Time To Get Married?

Best Time to Get Married Wedding Tips

Finding the right time to settle down into the family and married life is really a big leap of faith. For many of us in the late 20s or early 30s, the idea of entering a new chapter in our lives can be glaring and overwhelming. And while we are getting tired of the question “when are you getting married?” during family gatherings, a better question would be “when is the best time to get married?”


1. When you’ve finally peaked at emotional maturity.

A lot of people tend to compromise their married life because of, well, immaturity and repressive emotions. The ability to process and regulate your emotions especially during rough patches will determine how well you could possibly handle your marriage. Before you marry someone, it is best to consider that you are marrying them to become your lifelong partner and not your own therapist. By this, we mean that deep-seated hurts and unprocessed emotions need to be healed and processed so as not to be the cause of future conflicts.


2. Your spiritual life is stable.

Stable spiritual life before marriage

It really is important that you take your singlehood as a time to strengthen your faith. Likewise, finding a partner who has the same level of spiritual maturity will also go a long way. In the long run, your strong spiritual life will help you withstand whatever trials that will test your marriage.


3. You’ve grown contented with your singlehood.

Now, this is the part where everyone seems to miss out. Before you enter family life, make it a point that you have fully outgrown your life as a single person. By this we mean that you have had enough of those late Friday night outs, spontaneous drinking sessions with your friends, out of town trips with your bffs, and all that. One good reason to get married is that you have fully enjoyed and outgrown your life being single so much that you feel you are ready to take a big leap into the ‘next chapter’ of your life – more responsibilities, less of yourself and more for your family.

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4. You already have a stable career

Your career stability is also worth considering too. Once you are finally entering marriage, you would want to make sure that you have almost (if not fully) accomplished your own career goals and corporate ladder. Establishing your own career first makes it viable for you to prioritize your family life thereafter. Also, it is a must to evaluate if your career and finances are already stable that it makes you capable of sustaining a family.

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5. You and your partner are both independent from your parents.

By the age of 18, your parents have already let you live life on your own in a way or two. In the same way, This means that you are already capable of sustaining your lifestyle without financial help from your parents. At this point in your life, your parents are now considered as consultants.


6. You know your partner very, very well ENOUGH.

Luxury Wedding Reception Virginia

While it is true that you will never get to see a person’s truest colors unless you start to live with them under the same roof, it is still essential to reassure yourself that you know your partner well enough to be your lifelong buddy. How does your partner act when s/he is mad? Is s/he empathetic towards others’ situations? Does your partner owe responsibilities for his/her mistakes instead of blaming other people? Remember that your partner will also be the parent of your children and knowing him/her will help you determine what kind of parents your children will be having. This tip still applies even if you opt to not have kids, as well.


7. You cannot imagine settling for any less than what you deserve.

All marrying couples hold a belief that they no longer need to settle for less than what their partners are. If you have gotten to the same realization that the best life is lived with your current partner, then, by all means, it is a green flag over there.


Mimi Ebichi Indian Wedding Planner in VirginiaAt Mimi Ebichi Events, we make sure not to settle for less than your expectations by giving you a wedding that you so deserve. We understand that this is a significant chapter of your life that you are about to enter and we want your celebrations to be nothing but blissful.


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Top 10 Biggest, Most Common Mistakes that Brides Make

Top 10 Biggest, Most Common Mistakes that Brides Make

Don’t fall into these common traps of wedding planning mistakes.

Wedding planning is both an exciting and exhausting process. It is pretty understandable for couples, especially the bride, to miss a thing or two during the planning stage, on the day of the wedding, and even after the event.

To give you a heads up, here are the top 10 biggest, most common mistakes that brides make. Be sure you don’t commit them by downloading it as a checklist during the course of your wedding planning:

Common Bridal Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


10. Failing to factor in extra costs in your budget

Especially for the reception budget, most couples think on a “price per head basis”. However, not all wedding catering packages are comprehensive. Music, venue decorations, the reception bar – these things may not be part of their service. Be sure to check. At the same time, extra services you need like transportation for guests, welcome snacks and drinks for arriving parties, etc. need to be factored in.

The best strategy is to set a budget, list down all expenses in super detail including miscellaneous items, and assign a percentage of the budget to each.


9. Not considering the venue first before buying your bridal dress

Most brides have a dream wedding gown on their most special day. However, most fail to match it with the venue of the event or ceremony. You might be inclined to wear a wedding dress with long, cathedral trail… but your wedding venue is set on a simple garden setting. The dress is overwhelming and a mismatch. So before purchasing or selecting a bridal dress – consider the place where you will have the ceremony.


8. Choosing accommodation and venue that are too far from the airport

If you can’t help it, at least provide ample transportation for arriving guests from overseas. They have spent a considerable amount of time and money on your special day. You can reciprocate the gesture by anticipating their needs such as providing convenient transportation, accommodation, welcome snacks and beverage after the flight.


7. Not considering your guests’ dietary restrictions

Our team is known for staging the best multicultural weddings in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. And we know for a fact that couples do invite their friends who are not from the same ethnicity or culture they belong in. In this regard, it’s important to also consider their dietary restrictions. Same goes for your guests with certain food allergies, and the like.


6. Forgetting to feed your suppliers or vendors

You can book food suppliers who can provide affordable packed meals for your photographers, event coordinators, and other vendors who are working round the clock on the day of your wedding. You don’t want to starve your team so they can deliver the experience you want to achieve.



5. Not setting aside time for hair, makeup, and dress rehearsals

Surprisingly, some brides (especially those tight on time), forego doing the rehearsals for hair and makeup, and even the dress rehearsal! The result? They don’t achieve the bridal look that suits them the most – unless you are confident to do your own makeup since you know what looks best on you. When you miss the rehearsals, there’s a greater chance of things not going as smoothly (and as timely) as you expect it to be – plus the anxiety it brings you. So plan ahead and make time for these.


4. Allowing a huge time gap between ceremony and reception

When the ceremony and reception are held in two separate venues, there is usually a bigger time gap between these two parts of a wedding. It may leave your guests bored, uneasy, or worst: hungry! So either you reduce this time gap, or make sure you provide something for them: maybe an entertainment number, cocktails and snacks in the lounge area, or an activity they can do while transitioning to the next part of the event.


3. Crash dieting

Very popular among time-strapped brides! We all know how unhealthy, not to mention stress-inducing this can be. So instead of spending only a month in diet and exercise, do it in a more sustainable and achievable timetable: at least 6 months before the wedding.


2. Showing up late!

One of the worst things that could happen to you is showing up late on your own wedding day! Whether it’s for the ceremony, reception, rehearsals, meetings, on-the-day preps: Being late puts you at a disadvantage. It also makes everyone a bit uneasy instead of enjoying a more relaxed feel of the experience. Understandable, we know there are certain factors that can come into play which could result in delays, but the key here is proper planning and time management.


1. Not hiring a wedding planner

Honestly, the best way to avoid all these big (and small) mistakes is to hire a wedding planner. Whether it’s for the whole planning process or just on-the-day, what’s important is you have someone or a whole team who is on top of the situation. You don’t need to put out every fire that comes out. Your wedding planning team will be there to cover all the bases.


Mimi Ebichi | The White-Glove Wedding Planner for Busy Couples

Mimi Ebichi Indian Wedding Planner in Virginia

If you’re looking for the right team to put together a very personal, heartfelt, and luxury wedding, contact Mimi Ebichi’s team of wedding specialists in Virginia, DC, and Maryland to make your dream wedding come to life! We have a comprehensive list of wedding vendors who can cater to your personal requests – especially for the busiest couples who need a dependable hand on their wedding planning journey. Contact us here.


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What You Need To Know About Changing Your Last Name

You’re finally married, the honeymoon was wonderful, and now your finally back home as newlyweds! This means it’s time to do the not-so-fun stuff, like changing your last name. Don’t let it get you down though (and don’t put it off!) because it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Get your paperwork together in advance, and follow these tips, so that changing it after the wedding is a breeze.

Marriage License

You’re going to need this as proof that you actually got married, so make sure you crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s and have the official copy you need.

Social Security Card

This is the first place you should start. You’ll need to fill out the appropriate form with the Social Security office, and make sure that you have your current card and birth certificate with you when you apply.

Driver’s License and Passport

Now that you’ve got your social security card taken care of, it’s time to go to the dreaded DMV and change that license. This is a great time to update that address too if you’ve moved in with you new sweetheart. You should be able to get the application for the passport change online. Make sure you take the marriage license in for these!

Employers, Insurance, and Banks

You’ve taken care of the identification items, so now make sure you update your banking information, credit cards, insurance, and any W-2 information with your employer. You’ll want to get these done as soon as possible, so that there aren’t any issues with your money spending or when tax time rolls around.

Everything Else

Sure, the official stuff is done, but don’t forget everything else! Newsletters, store rewards cards, memberships and subscriptions, and social media are just a few of the places you may want to update that last name!

Congratulations! You’re officially a Mrs.!