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The Difference Between Wedding Management and Full Planning

If you’re engaged and starting to think about the details, odds are you’ve started thinking about hiring a planner to help with your big day. You may have already decided to do most of the planning yourself and make sure you have a coordinator to help the day run smoothly, or you may already know that planning isn’t your strong suit and you need someone to help with everything, but for those of you who are stuck in the middle and can’t decide what the right choice is, this one’s for you! Here are some of the key factors to consider when deciding if you should book a full planner or a wedding management package.

Things already completed

Do you already have all of the vendors booked, the design planned out, and some small items crossed off your checklist? Sure, there’s still plenty to do, but if you’ve already knocked out some of the major aspects of planning a wedding, then you may not get the true benefits of full planning, and may just want to make sure someone comes in during those final months to bring everything together.



Are you a pen-to-paper, “it doesn’t happen if it’s not in my planner,” coordinate everything alphabetically or by colors type of person? If so, you’re probably handling keeping up with vendors, payments, and an extensive checklist pretty well. If you’re not that type of person, that’s okay, but you may truly benefit from having a planner to do that work for you.


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How easily do you get stressed out? If the slightest thing can ruin your day, you may definitely want to consider a full planner. They’ll help you remember payments, contracts, checklist items, and make sure you don’t forget any small details. A full planner can save you from feeling like everything is too overwhelming and that you would rather just elope!



When you picture your dream wedding, what do you see? Do you want a lavish event that’s heavily decorated and hosts the party of the year? Or do you want a smaller, more intimate family affair? Of course I highly recommend that you have a planner for any occasion, but if you’re dreaming of a smaller party, with plenty of family and friends to help set up your more simple decor items, then you may be fine with a wedding management package.


Destination weddings are wonderful, but they’re very hard to coordinate from your hometown. Consider your choice of venue. Where is it and how from is it from where you live? How early will the venue let you come in to set up? Is it a short time frame that would require a small army to get everything done, or does the venue give you the whole day? All things to consider when choosing how involved your planner will be.



Sure, we all hate thinking about money, but when it comes to a wedding, you’re going to want to have a budget in place. However, you should consider how important that budget is. Are you paying for it yourself and have budgeted all the money you can for it or do you have some wiggle room to go over a little if needed? If you have a strict budget, a planner will be crucial to helping you stay the course and give you realistic expectations of what you can afford.

Guest Count

If you’ve invited everyone you know (and possibly everyone THEY know) then it’s probably a good idea to have a planner on board. You (or your parents) won’t want to handle all the moving parts that go in to wedding day, so it’s probably best to leave that to a professional.


Your Schedule

Do you have the time to plan it? If you have a career, maybe a family, and some hobbies or commitments in your life then you may not have the time to dedicate to your big day. Hiring a full planner can save you the time of researching vendors, recalculating that budget, brainstorming designs, emailing people over and over again, and more. Weddings are extensive to plan, and they take time and research. It’s not something you can easily handle overnight.

There you have it! I hope this cleared up some questions you may have had about what’s best for your special day. If you’re interested in hiring a full planner or a wedding management package, please reach out to me!

If you’re looking for the right team to put together your Multicultural wedding in DC, Virginia, and Maryland, contact Mimi Ebichi’s team to make your dream wedding come to life! We have a comprehensive list of wedding vendors who can cater to your personal requests.


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Ashburn, VA Mclean VA Uncategorized Wedding planner Wedding Planning Weddings

Things You May Have Forgotten To Put In Your Wedding Budget

You’re engaged! It’s all so exciting – you’ve said yes, set the date, picked the color scheme and maybe even the venue, but now comes the dreaded talk of money and budgets. Whether you’re on a tight budget or have unlimited funds for your big day, budgets are necessary to keep realistic expectations of what things cost and what your priorities are. So you’ve made your list of “must-haves” and figured out what you have to spend, but did you actually think of everything? Weddings have TONS of aspects to plan, so it’s easy to forget some things until they come up. Make sure you’re checking your budget to know that you’ve included these easily forgotten items.


Sure, you’ll pick out the perfect invitations, the matching RSVP cards, and the colorful envelopes that match oh-so-perfectly. Maybe you even hired a calligrapher. It’s easy to forget the not-so-pretty stamps though, even though they’ll be pretty important when it comes time to mail those out!



You may just know this as “tips.” You wouldn’t go to an upscale restaurant and not tip your server, right? So don’t come to your own upscale party and not tip the people who have gone above and beyond to make your day absolutely perfect. Most people think to tip their vendors that did an amazing job, but did you actually remember to budget for it?

Tastings and Trial Runs

Yes, you’ve budgeted for the catering, the cake, and your hair and makeup, but practice makes perfect! You’ll want to taste your menu items and desserts before making final selections, and you’ll definitely want a run through of your wedding day look. Sure, some vendors add these trials into their costs, but some don’t, and you need to make sure you’ve budgeted enough money to be able to do them.


Small Reception Decor and Stationery

When you’re envisioning floral chandeliers, draped walls, and the perfect centerpieces, you may have overlooked the small things like candles or table runners or whatever those decor pieces are that accent the big statement pieces you’re dreaming of. It’s also easy to forget things like place cards, escort cards, and menus, but these smaller stationery pieces will really tie your vision together.

Transportation TO the Venue

I’m sure you’ve already run through all of the ideas of what you can ride off into the night in, but have you thought of how you’re actually getting TO the venue? Or how your family and bridal party are getting there? To make sure everyone finds the venue and arrives on time, you’ll probably want to schedule transportation for everyone, especially if you aren’t getting ready at the venue, and this will cost a pretty penny.


Thank You Notes

When it’s all said and done, your guests (and especially your bridal party) probably spent a little bit of money attending your wedding, and some of them may have spent quite a bit (like Aunt Sally who bought you that $500 cookware set). You want to thank them appropriately and everyone knows a thank you note in the mail is the way to do it. Thank you notes typically aren’t very expensive, but they do cost something, so they should be in your budget.

If you’re looking for the right team to put together your Multicultural wedding in DC, Virginia, and Maryland, contact Mimi Ebichi’s team to make your dream wedding come to life! We have a comprehensive list of wedding vendors who can cater to your personal requests.


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Ashburn, VA Mclean VA Wedding planner Wedding Planning Weddings

Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

Hiring a planner can save you tons of money, and even more time. A planner will help you find the right vendors to fit your style, personality, and budget, and will come up with ideas you never even imagined to bring your vision to life. If that reasoning alone doesn’t convince you, then these will:

  • Wedding planners have connections, which only comes from experience.

A planner will know the best vendors to work with, and the best vendors that will really mesh with your personality. These connections come from years of experience working with other vendors. You wouldn’t want Aunt Sally treating you when you’re sick right? No! You would go to your doctor, so find a wedding planner to take care of all the details of your special day.


  • Weddings are stressful.

Of course it’s the happiest day of your life, but that doesn’t mean it came without some bumps and bruises along the way. You deal with the family drama, but let a planner handle finding the right DJ, figuring our where to put the ice sculpture your mother-in-law insisted on, and those last minute details and emergencies. Enjoy your engagement by letting a planner alleviate some of the stress!


  • Wedding planners know things!

Not sure what order the family walks in for the ceremony? Etiquette questions? Current trends? Not sure how much you should tip each of your vendors? Your planner will be able to guide and direct you through the whole process, and answer all those questions along the way.

There are so many reasons to hire a planner to help with your special day, so make the decision to hire a professional that will turn your dream vision into an incredible reality.

If you’re looking for the right team to put together your Multicultural wedding in DC, Virginia, and Maryland, contact Mimi Ebichi’s team to make your dream wedding come to life! We have a comprehensive list of wedding vendors who can cater to your personal requests.


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Ashburn, VA Mclean VA Wedding planner Wedding Planning Weddings



Involve him from the start. Contrary to popular belief, your groom longs to be a part of the whole process. He wants to be aware of the cost and how decisions are made. Take time out and ask him for his thoughts, budget, colors, and dreams. You’d be surprised he would have some good tips too.

  • Give him a list

Image by Fabio Lopez Photography

Yes! You read right. Provide your Mr. handsome with a to-do-list that he will be excited for. Such as; pick out groomsmen tuxedo color, socks, shoe style, playlist, gift registry, honeymoon and bar choices. Thank me later!

Image by O’mide Photography
  • Let him select his groomsmen

I know you are not a fan of all his friends but this is also his night to have his friends stand by him. So let him choose his groomsmen and style that complements the wedding theme. This is why you get his input from the beginning so he can pair up nicely with your ideas.

  • Spend time with him

Wedding planning can be stressful and can strain your relationship. We do not want that and sure know you won’t entertain that. So, continue to schedule date nights and carve out moments where you are just having fun and being you without conversing about wedding plans. Take a break monthly and just chill.

When you tap into some of these tips, you’d have a groom who will beam with his heart waiting for you at the end of the aisle without a doubt that he is marrying his best friend and woman of his dreams.

Image by Cynthia Bennett Photography

If you’re looking for the right team to put together your Multicultural wedding in DC, Virginia, and Maryland, contact Mimi Ebichi’s team to make your dream wedding come to life! We have a comprehensive list of wedding vendors who can cater to your personal requests.


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Ashburn, VA Mclean VA Wedding planner Wedding Planning Weddings

Frequently asked questions for your Wedding Planner

CONGRATULATIONS to all the engaged brides and to all the current and future Mimi Ebichi Event brides, welcome home! You are our tribe and family.

Every year from Christmas to Valentine’s Day and special moments in between lies engagement season. Such a special moment it is when your partner gets on one knee or flies across the sky popping the ultimate question, “Will you marry me?” You are ecstatic, anxious, excited, shed a tear or more, scream for joy and say YES! Now the season of love and thoughts of forever has begun.

Sure, planning your wedding is made up of hours on Pinterest, flipping through instagram, and chatting with your friends about what you want your dream day to look like, but there is also the exciting side of wedding planning to consider, and that is where your wedding planner comes in.

Q: What does “Mimi Ebichi” mean?

A:  Mimi comes from my Nigerian middle name “Mmiliaku” meaning Spring of Wealth and Ebichi is my last name meaning the Staff of God.


A: Mimi Ebichi has run successful businesses in the industry for over 10 years. We are a boutique wedding planning firm serving the Washington D.C. metro area primarily Mclean, Ashburn, Sterling, Reston, Leesburg and Fairfax, VA. Specializing in multicultural wedding and events, we have planned and executed over 75 “private” luxury events around the globe. To ensure each client receives unparalleled attention to detail, and each event treated with utmost priority and decorum, we only plan few events each year.


A: Excellent question! On average planning a full wedding from start to finish can average 500 hours and beyond. This is time that we’d love for you to have to continue nurturing your relationship and ultimately enjoying peace of mind before your big day. From researching the vendors that perfectly fit your style and taste, to planning out the details that reflect your personality, the wedding planner does it all so you don’t have to. Besides that, a wedding planner also helps develop your budget, review your vendor contracts, negotiate on your behalf, map out and design the flow to achieve the ultimate guest experience you envision. We are more than just a planner; we become your family during the process and beyond.


A: When venues have a catering or event manager/coordinator on site, their central role and duties is to oversee and ensure the logistics of the venue are in place, i.e. correct number of tables in the room, proper cutlery count on the table, serving and bar staff properly groomed etc. It is not within their job description to confirm and coordinate your vendors, run wedding rehearsals, oversee vendors on your wedding day, cue you down the aisle, cue your musicians and wedding party and ensure that all your dream details are running according to schedule, but that of your wedding planner! While venue coordinators are great at what they do, their priority is to run the facility, so they have the venue’s best interest in mind only.


A: As much as possible because access to good information is paramount in delivering the wedding of your dreams. We recommend the following; Guest count, budget, Wedding Date, Location (local or destination) etc.


A:  Great question. This is a service catered to clients who desire a comprehensive and expert guidance in the planning process. This service can sometimes be from helping your partner plan the engagement, to the final details of whisking you into the plane for your honey moon. This is our specialty and completely CUSTOMIZED to fit your needs.


A: Thank you! What sets us apart from others is our love and passion for multicultural and ethnic fusion with a touch of modern glam and highly personalized desire to deliver “luxury your way.” We meet you right where you are and work diligently with you to capture your vision and bring the story of the authentic “YOU” to life.


A: Absolutely! We truly believe that “Team work makes the dream work.” Wedding Planning is tough work and requires various hats to be worn throughout the process, that’s we spend time to truly understand our client, their style and personality.

When we work as a team, we have experts in all the parts of the planning and creative process which are necessary to make your wedding dreams a reality. This partnership of skills ensures that all of your design and coordination needs are covered.

When you hire a Mimi Ebichi Events wedding planner, we have YOUR best interest in mind because we work for and with you.  As your wedding planner we develop and have great relationships with the venues we work with and this can only benefit you in the long run. We work side by side to ensure all your planning needs including, ceremony logistics, vendor procurement and timeline logistics are met.


A:  We are pleased to utilize digital client management tool to organize, track and plan every event. You will have access to this customized tool and if, technology is not your thing, no worries. We still have our old fashioned pen and paper system. You will find me most times with my pen and gorgeous folder.


A:  Absolutely. We carry general liability coverage and encourage all our clients to hire vendors that are licensed and insured. We also recommend that our clients invest in a wedding insurance to protect them.


A:  This mainly depends on your guest count among other factors. Elegantly curated weddings typically average $350-$500 per person. Most of our clients typically spend between $750-$1500 per person on average.


A:  As with life, some of our clients relinquish every detail to us while others prefer to be hands-on. For this reason every service is customized to fit the vision, style and budget of the client so you can decipher what you really need. Our typical clients spend about $150,000 on average per wedding and design. However, our most basic service starts from $3,500 depending on several factors such as; budget, guest count scope of service and more.


A:  Our contract requires a 50% initial investment at the time of signing the contract and the remaining 50% is due 30 days before your event. However, if you retain us three months from your event, we require (100%) full investment at the time of signing the contract.


A:  Sure thing! Our passports are always ready as most of our clients host their events in Nigeria, Dubai and the Caribbean so we are always ready


A:  We are so thrilled you’ve asked and we would absolutely love to cater to you. Please contact us here and to schedule your complimentary consultation so we can see if we are perfect together.

If you’re looking for the right team to put together your Multicultural wedding in DC, Virginia, and Maryland, contact Mimi Ebichi’s team to make your dream wedding come to life! We have a comprehensive list of wedding vendors who can cater to your personal requests.


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