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How to Pick the Right Wedding Flowers: 3 Tips

Picking the right wedding flowers for your wedding is like a woman picking the right shade of lipstick – the more options, the more difficult it is to choose! Luckily, we came up with three handy guides on how to choose the right wedding flowers for your wedding.

#1: Learn the basics of wedding flowers.
Of course, you do not have to be an expert or a florist overnight (besides, that is impossible). But a bit of research won’t hurt either. It is important to determine what types of flowers are common during wedding ceremonies – roses, Lillies, daffodils, gerbera, and the like. Knowing the common types of wedding flowers will give you a hint of what suits your wedding theme and also the season of your preferred wedding date.

#2: Consider the physique and contour of your wedding dress.
And we cannot stress how important this is! It is best to decide on your dress before jumping into purchasing your wedding bouquet too soon. This is because you should consider the shape and length of your dress that would match your bouquet. For example, if your dress is a skirt, do not opt for a trailing bouquet. On the other hand, having a long train or a bustle at the back of your dress will suit a more flamboyant bouquet. If you are still doubtful about your own preference of mix and match, you may bring a picture of your wedding dress and present it to to your trusted florist.

Bride Diaries: Wedding Planning Chaos and Where to Find Help

#3: Make it personal.
….And make it a reflection of you. You can start by incorporating flowers that have a personal or sentimental value to you. To add details, you can try to put accent by enjoining it with a classic brooch, a lace hanky, or a family heirloom jewelry.

Choosing the right wedding flowers is for the most part arbitrary and personal. This sends a message that wedding preparations should reflect a personal meaning and value to the clients and their guests.

In Mimi Ebichi Events, we strive to always put a personal touch in every wedding preparations that we do- from the styling, souvenir program, wedding exit, wedding receptions, table decorations, and many more.

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How Much do Wedding Planners Charge?

All wedding planners and organizers come at a price. While it is so often that investing in a good wedding planner is such a big investment to make, the amount of assistance and benefits that come with always outweigh the risks. As many of you might ask, how much do you need to shell out when hiring a wedding planner? We heard you loud and clear and so we made a brief heads-up on the pricing of these wedding planners!

It depends.
The safest, and always so often answer to this question is that it depends. When estimating the cost of hiring a planner, there are many factors that you need to consider. One, the season of your preferred wedding date and whether it is a peak season or not.

Second, the destination and theme for your wedding. These two factors will highly dictate the level of intricacy needed to pull off your dream wedding.

And lastly, the guest count. Logically, the bigger the guest count, the larger the demand for management and organization.

Package inclusions

When to Hire a Wedding PlannerTypically, wedding planners do not give you a price at first glance. As a courtesy, most planners would like to know your estimated wedding budget. From there, they will create a proposal on which services would suit your budget. Usually, this may range from a full wedding services package, wedding coordination package, ala carte service, and the likes. The best way to find out is to consult your wedding planner.

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Flat rate and percentage rate
Now for the tricky part, it is best that we consider each wedding as different in nature. Some weddings require distinct ideas, thus, requiring extra preparation and more helping hands. That is why it is so important to build a connection and constant communication with a wedding planner that can concretize your dream wedding in mind. In this way, discussions about the flat and percentage rates will be made easier and negotiable.

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Know the package that suits your needsWedding Planning Packages

Every planner has different package inclusions and a range of services. After doing careful and thorough considerations, choosing your package inclusions could also mean that you are having a picture of how much your budget could deliver to your wedding needs. However, there are several passionate wedding planners that will allow you for some add-ons and extra services. These planners weigh beyond gold!

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In summary, there are many things to take into account when estimating the cost of hiring a wedding planner. As a rule of thumb, it is best to scout for at least 3 wedding planners to have a different point of comparison.

In Mimi Ebichi Events, we take premium value to your wedding planning investment by making sure that we deliver only the best and what’s really worth your hard-earned wedding budget. We take pride in our commitment to fulfilling our client’s wishes through our events plannings and wedding services.

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Bridal Tips Washington DC wedding planner Wedding planner Wedding Planner in Virginia Wedding Planning

Planning Your Wedding? When to Hire A Wedding Planner

Wedding planning is not always about fun and excitement. In reality, wedding planning starts from deciding over a wedding budget to work on. While there could be many factors influencing your wedding budget, investing in a reliable wedding planner sets the bar.

But the real question is, WHEN do you need to hire a wedding planner?

Soon after you pop the big question.

Of course, this is the ideal setup. Soon after breaking out the good news to everyone, the next big thing is to start looking for the best wedding planner in town. The key point to remember here is that the earlier you seek professional help, the better.

best Wedding planner dc

Investing in a wedding planner much early on the preparation will help you in making the first few major decisions that you are about to make for your wedding. These include the following:

+ choosing your wedding theme

+ choosing your venue

+ scouting for wedding vendors

+ drafting the guest list

READ: How Much is Too Much in Making a Guest List?


After deciding on a wedding budget

A more practical option is to hire a wedding planner after you have finally decided on a working budget (READ: Things You May Have Forgotten To Put In Your Wedding Budget). We know for a fact that your budget (aside from creativity and time management) is the backbone of the whole preparation itself.

Different wedding planners have different rates, but one thing is for sure – you should experience what your hard-earned money is for. So when looking for a wedding planner, you want someone who is:

+ Reliable when it comes to managing appointments and showing up on time.

+ Best at time management; someone who knows how to budget the timeline of events and pacing of the whole wedding preparation.

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How to Infuse More Culture and Love in Arab Weddings

+ Superior when it comes to creativity and resourcefulness. A good wedding planner comes with an immeasurable amount of ideas specifically to suit your sense of style and creations.

+ Best at establishing good working relationships with vendors and suppliers.

+ Flexible and adaptive to any unforeseen circumstances (READ:
8 Wedding Horrors and How to Avoid (or Deal with) Them!) and changes in the wedding plans.

+ A good wedding planner has a set of plans A-Z just in case things would not work out as expected.


Before choosing a wedding theme

Now, this is a common mistake that most couples tend to overlook. Do not freak out on choosing the perfect wedding theme just yet! Getting professional help from a wedding planner will spare you from “over conceptualizing” your wedding theme. It is part of the wedding planner’s craft to conceptualize your ideas and styles in mind and wonderfully turn it into a wedding theme itself. 

Fairytale wedding themeNow that we have suggested all the ‘whens’ in hiring a wedding planner, the answer is simple – hire a wedding planner the soonest time possible. Investing in a wedding planner will provide you a proper and efficient flow in your whole wedding preparation journey.

In fact, hiring a wedding planner will give you the ultimate guide for the best wedding preparation ahead of you.


Mimi Ebichi Events specializes in the craftsmanship and wonders of planning, organizing, and executing well-laid-out wedding celebrations. We put value in our commitment to deliver outstanding results to satisfy the needs of our clients. While there is no such thing as an actual perfect wedding, we make sure to give back beyond the trust and investment you put in making us part of your big day.

Washington DC wedding planner Wedding planner Wedding Planner in Virginia Wedding Planning

Bride Diaries: Wedding Planning Chaos and Where to Find Help

One remarkable reality that we live by in the wedding industry is that there is no such thing as a PERFECT wedding preparation. Planning your dream wedding is not at all fun and games. While there are several bridal fairs and wedding magazines out there, a fact remains that there will always be unforeseen circumstances and obstacles to conquer along this wedding journey.

With our significant craft and experience at wedding celebrations every season, we are committed to making your wedding preparation fun and manageable as you begin to encounter 5 common wedding chaos as well as coming up with solutions to those.

1. Establishing Connections.

From our previous blog, we discussed the ways on how to jumpstart your wedding preparation after breaking out the great news to everyone. One of which includes scouting for a venue and seeking early professional help from a reliable wedding planner. Many wedding obstacles root back from the need of establishing strong connections to vendors, suppliers, and even venue coordinators. But first and foremost, those essential connections cannot alone be established without the help of a reliable wedding planner.

Your trusted wedding planner gains so many business connections and a wide network from previous wedding experiences – one that you could benefit from investing and trusting the craftsmanship of your wedding planner. Once connections are secured, it will be a lot easier to make certain negotiations (and even special wedding requests) along the way.

2. Drafting the Guest List.

Wedding Guest List Guide

We have said it a thousand times before and we will say it again, it is important to draft TWO SECTIONS within your draft guest list. List A refers to immediate, non-negotiable guests while List B pertains to people whom you feel will not be much of a big deal whether they attend or not. List B is also considered as the waitlist wherein in case anyone from list A changes his/her mind, someone from the List B can take in the slot.

Dividing your guest list into two partitions will make it easier for you to have an early estimate for the number of seats to avail, supplies of food, wedding favors, and most especially the type of venue to rent.

3. The Wedding Budget.

In reality, discussing the wedding budget always takes place right after couples celebrate their engagement. For some, they already have a budget in mind even before popping the ‘big’ question. Everything, and we mean everything, draws back from the decided wedding budget to work on. This is the reason why discussions about how much money to spend on your wedding must be carefully considered among many other factors before setting up a date, venue, number of guests, and vendors.

4. Bridal Parties/Rehearsal Dinners

It is a common case among couples to be very preoccupied with the wedding preparations themselves. Often, they tend to overlook prepping up for a glamorous bridal party and intimate rehearsal dinner with their guests. Note that these two occasions are distinct from the wedding celebration itself which also require special attention and preparation. Bridal parties and rehearsal dinners call for a generous amount of time as well.

That is why it is very essential to invest in a wedding planner that is highly skilled in time management, scheduling, organizational tasks, and very keen on details. An efficient wedding events planner always makes sure that all errands and activities align together and is going right on track; even if it means preparing altogether for the wedding, bridal parties, and rehearsal dinners. Remember, your bridal party and rehearsal dinner will put a remarkable Impression on your guests with how much you have prepared for this big wedding celebration. Go and invest in the right people!

5. Last-Minute ‘Shockers’

How to prevent unforeseen events in a wedding

As we have mentioned, no matter how much couples put in the time, energy, and resources for their big day, a last-minute change of plans and unforeseen circumstances are always around the corner that seems inevitable already. A wrong hem in the gown, a sudden turn down of invitation from a wedding sponsor, a change of supplies from the vendors, an incomplete wedding favor, and all the ‘shockers’ you could think of during the last few days (or even hours!) before the wedding are the stories that wedding planners live by. Their grace under pressure to manage these turns of events weighs more than gold. Luckily, such chaotic wedding experiences harness them to always run for solutions and alternative plans – all for the satisfaction that their client deserves.

Mimi Ebichi Events specializes in the craftsmanship and wonders of planning, organizing, and executing well-laid-out wedding celebrations. We put value in our commitment to deliver outstanding results to satisfy the needs of our clients. While there is no such thing as an actual perfect wedding, we make sure to give back beyond the trust and investment you put in making us part of your big day.

Washington DC wedding planner Wedding planner Wedding Planner in Virginia Wedding Planning

Groom Diaries: What to Do After Popping the Big Question

If you are a groom-to-be reading this post right now, congratulations! You have come to the right place.

Asking the ‘big’ question to her is challenging enough – it could have cost you a bunch of sleepless nights, what-ifs, several rehearsals in front of the bathroom mirror, asking your intimate friends for advice, and so on. Now that she finally said yes, it is time to take your word into action!

Below is the ultimate groom’s guide list that will help you know the next step towards wedding planning.

1. Let everybody know the great news.

Now that she finally said yes, it is time to have the ‘talk’ with both families. This conversation informs everyone in the family about your intention of a wedding. Apart from that, this talk discusses your possible plans on where and how to settle as a couple, as well as the wedding budget.

Take note, however, that although the wedding budget can be a sensitive discussion, it is safe to just come up with an approximate working budget that can change as the preparation goes along. Deciding over a budget is a great determinant to the next steps that you are about to make for your wedding – the venue, date, guest list, wedding favors, and so on. In short, it all starts from your wedding budget.

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2. Set the date! Set the wedding dateAfter breaking out the big news and deciding over a budget, the next decision to make is the wedding date. The wedding date is a pre-cursor to the overall timeline of the wedding preparation. It gives you an idea of how much time you have to make all the wedding errands too. Generally, it takes almost a year of preparation for a well-thought-out wedding celebration.

3. Hire a wedding planner.

Now that you have a wedding date already, it is now time to scout for the best wedding planner in town. Some couples even opt to hire a wedding planner as early as one week after the proposal. The rule of thumb is the earlier you get professional help, the greater the chance to execute the wedding preparation smoothly.

Hiring a wedding planner saves you from all the unnecessary stress – from the sudden change of plans, negotiation with vendors and suppliers, setting up appointments with the couturiers, venue coordinators, ocular venue inspection, sending out wedding invites, and the list goes on.

Think of your wedding planner as a one-stop-shop for all your wedding needs – from planning, negotiating, organizing the schedules, appointments, and event planning for your post-wedding celebration and honeymoon. Your wedding planner is also your creative director in terms of the most distinct and fresh ideas for a wedding theme and style. To cut the chase, hiring a professional and reliable wedding planner for the first weeks of your wedding preparation will make the tasks less overwhelming and more bearable to conquer.

4. Scout for the reception venue

After careful considerations have been made, scouting for a reception venue with your wedding planner is the best next move to make. In some cases, the availability of a venue can greatly affect or influence your preferred wedding date. There are even couples who are willing to adjust the date of their wedding just so they could reserve a date for a particular venue. In any case, it is best to consult with your wedding planner as she/he has a lot of venue ideas that would also suit your wedding theme and preferences.

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This brief and concise groom’s guide list is meant to give you a grasp of how to manage the first few weeks of your wedding preparation. While it is inevitable to feel overwhelmed with huge tasks and major decisions to make ahead, the best choice regardless is to hire a reliable wedding planner that is capable of coming up with a timeline for the whole preparation journey.

The right wedding planner brings to the table a myriad of trusted wedding vendors and suppliers, is especially gifted in crafting diverse wedding themes and ideas across different cultures and settings, and has the experience of working under pressure.

If you and your fiance are hyper-busy individuals, all the more you should consider hiring a wedding planner sooner than later.


Groom Diaries How to Plan For A Wedding

Mimi Ebichi Events specializes in the craftsmanship and wonders of planning, organizing, and executing well-laid-out wedding celebrations. We put value in our commitment to deliver outstanding results to satisfy the needs of our clients. While there is no such thing as an actual perfect wedding, we make sure to give back beyond the trust and investment you put in making us part of your big day.

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Wedding planner Wedding Planning

The ULTIMATE Wedding Planning Guide for the Newly Engaged

“We are finally getting married!” is probably one of the most fascinating and exciting lines to hear and say. But after all the best wishes and congratulatory messages, what comes next? Below is the ULTIMATE guide for every type of brides and grooms-to-be we wish we had known.

Download the Ultimate Wedding Planning Guide for Newly Engaged Couples

12+ months

No worries, we still got plenty of time…

1. Scout for a wedding planner, ASAP
After finally breaking the great big news to the whole family and friends, consider allotting generous time to actually scout for a reliable and well-experienced wedding planner. There are couples who deliberately hire a wedding planner the day after their engagement, some a few days after, and even weeks after the engagement. The thing is, the earlier you hire a wedding planner, the sooner you get professional help from the start of your preparation up until the day of your wedding. Most importantly, hiring a planner at a later month may cause you some major changes in the timeline of your wedding activities too.

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2. Do the ‘talk’
This conversation must include the preferred wedding date and discussions regarding the wedding budget. More so, it is best to decide as early as possible who gets to contribute to what. The tough talk about the wedding budget could be a lot easier if you break down the expenses into percentages and categories. For example:
Wedding reception: 50%
Wedding attire: 30%
Wedding favors and gift baskets: 20%

3. Come up with a wedding style and theme
Deciding on a wedding theme and style to follow will give a generous amount of allowance for revisions, mistakes, and overall changes in the wedding theme. Back from our previous blog, we have come up with a guide on how to pick the best wedding theme that would suit your style and ceremony.

4. Wedding dress and veil styles
Similar to the theme, early preparation for the wedding attire gives a lot of room for improvement, changes, and final touches. You do not want to be cramming over an unfinished hem or an oversized waist a few days before the big day. So as much as possible, deciding on what style to follow will lead to an early gown fitting and will allow you to ask for special favors and modifications on your dress.

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5. Choose who to include in the entourage
The entourage will play a very essential role in the whole celebration, most importantly in the ceremony itself. As early as now, contact your closest friends and family members whom you would like to include in your entourage, just so you can make unnecessary changes in the event that they could not come to your wedding day.

6. Ensure your wedding ring insurance as well as consider purchasing wedding insurance
This is something that most couples often overlook. Unforeseen circumstances are always around the corner during the wedding journey; that is why it is always best to invest in being secured and protected just in case an event happens where assistance and aid are needed.

7. Rough guest list
A rough guest list is a messy (yes, you read that right) list of the many people that first come into your mind. It is okay to have a rough list with an enormous number of guests in it, because as the big day draws nearer, eventually you will have to cut down the list. What is important is that you have already drafted a good number of people that you want to celebrate with.

8. Plan ahead of time.
One shared belief of almost all wedding planners is to always be ahead of time. A couple of months away from the wedding celebration, these wedding planners already organize a timeline of activities, set schedules and appointments with suppliers and vendors, and put just about enough time allowance for unforeseen circumstances and sudden changes in plans. By and large, wedding planners definitely ace at the time management department.

10-11 months

Hustle, hustle, hustle…

1. Choose a venue
In venues whose location is strategic and very in-demand, we suggest that you book this 12+ months prior to your big day. This is to give you the chance and the privilege to choose a date and time of your choice.

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2. Choose bridal and groom accessories
During the earliest stages of your preparation, you must have come up with a wedding style and dress already. With this, choosing the best accessories is no biggie for you at all. The reason why you should plan ahead of the time anyway is to give you a chance to scout for better jewelry stores and plenty of accessories that cater to your fashion.

3. Engagement photoshoot
An engagement photo shoot is one of the many ways of sharing your love and great news with your friends and families. This commemorates your life together as you welcome a new journey ahead of you. We suggest having an engagement photoshoot 10-11 months away from the big day while there is still not much stress from the preparations. You certainly do not want to cram a photoshoot that is 2 months shy away from your wedding!

Why invest in wedding videography

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4. Book an officiant
Regardless of the type of ceremony that you plan to observe, the officiant may come from a referral, choice of the family, or of the couple, and other factors alike. With this, a wedding officiant can also have a hectic schedule which would likely require you to book ahead of time.

5. Establish connections with a wide array of vendors and suppliers
You may do so with the help and assistance of your wedding planner. By and at large, your wedding planner already has his/her own list of trusted and proven vendors which he/she may recommend to you. Establishing connections early on will give you the chance to negotiate certain packages and arrangements for your celebration.

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6. Finalize the guest list
In one of our blog posts, we discussed the importance of List A and List B. in this stage of your preparation, you should have a final list of your guests already as this will serve as the springboard for sending out the wedding invites – most especially for guests who live outside the country.

7. Send out invites on the immediate guests
Now, this is another reason why finalizing the guest list is so important. When the list is already final and agreed upon by both parties, you can now send out the wedding invites to your immediate guests. Immediate guests are the people whose attendance at your wedding is strictly non-negotiable; this may include your parents, of course, childhood friend, high school or college best friend, closest cousins, and the like.

8. Establish a routine!
Prepping up for your wedding also entails disciplining yourself and your lifestyle. While it only takes 30 days to form a habit, some routines require a lot more time to establish. For instance, you could use this time to build up a sustainable fitness routine accompanied by a good skincare routine too. But most importantly, learning how to have a good night’s sleep is important to keep you productive and motivated for another preparation day.

8-9 months

Keep moving!

1. Scout and book hotel accommodations for out-of-town guests
Obviously, booking a room accommodation for your out-of-town guests will require you a hefty amount of time just for scouting alone. You would want to give your visiting guests the warmest welcome there is, so you need to make sure to get the best reservations for them ahead of time.

2. Arrange suppliers for wedding favors
Your guests will probably look forward to your wedding favors. 8 months prior to your wedding, you may want to start calling a pool of suppliers who could produce the wedding favors according to your chosen style and theme. Again, your wedding planner already has a personal list of the trusted suppliers in town and you may want to seek help and assistance for that.

3. 2nd rollout of invitations
Now that you have already sent out your invites to your immediate families and friends, it is now time to send your invitations to the next line of priority. The second rollout of invitations is dedicated to friends and some distant relatives whose presence at your wedding is more flexible. Meaning, whether they come or do not, it will not be that much of a big deal to you.

4. Begin planning the honeymoon
One of the most thrilling parts of this journey of course is the honeymoon. Take this as a time to go back to the places that you have always dreamed of going to as a couple. May it be a simple out-of-town trip or a round-the-world honeymoon, planning as early as now makes room for future changes in plans and itineraries.

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6-7 months

Great work! What’s next?


1. Discover hair and make-up style
Discovering the perfect glam for you requires the professional help of a stylist. Which by the way, can also be consulted by your wedding planner. A wedding stylist takes charge of coming up with the right style for your facial features and the overall look of your wedding suit and gown.

2. Meet with the chosen officiant to discuss the ceremonial proper
After finally deciding on an officiant, arrange a meeting wherein you get to discuss the plans for the ceremonial proper. Your officiant must also be made aware of your allotted time for the ceremony itself. This way, any sacrament and/or rituals can be carefully planned out in accordance with your desired schedule.

3. Constantly communicate with vendors and suppliers
By this time, you should be practicing constant communication with your chosen vendors and suppliers, most especially with the ones concerning the rentals. Vendors who offer rentals on chairs, linens, lighting, and decor for the venue must well be coordinated from the start of the reception and up until the last minute of your after-party celebrations.

4. Cake and food tasting

Wedding Cupcakes African WeddingCake and food tasting is what’s really exciting in this whole preparation journey. Make sure, though, to decide first on which caterer to hire so as not to draw confusion among different caterers during the cake and food tasting.

5. Book ceremony musicians
Simply because they too have hectic schedules! Wedding bands and other artists also have gigs and booking throughout the year so it is best to notify them earlier.

4-5 months

All set for our final touches!

1. Finalize flower arrangement for the wedding party, attendant, venues, cake, etc
…and make sure to notify them of the final date of your wedding as well as the overall schedule of the program

2. Book honeymoon flights and hotels
…just in case a hurricane might occur! Book your honeymoon arrangements way ahead of time so you could spare yourselves from the hassle of running out of slots, available rooms, and tour schedules. Plus, it is also best to consider the season when choosing a honeymoon destination.

3. Prepare the wedding favors and welcome baskets for guests
This task also demands you to coordinate with a handful of suppliers and wedding vendors that are best to craft different wedding favors in accordance with the theme. Most of the time, wedding favors and welcome baskets go together. A wedding planner also takes charge in scouting for a one-stop-shop vendor who could supply the needed number of wedding favors and welcome baskets.

4. Prepare the playlist to send to the DJ/ band
They need a rehearsal for that too!

5. Arrange the rehearsal dinner and guest list
Rehearsal dinners are not just a plain wedding simulation. Rehearsal dinners are sort of a celebration, too. It celebrates intimate moments with you and your closest guests as you all look forward to a new chapter beginning the next day – your wedding day.

6. Book the venue for the rehearsal dinner

Bellevue Conference and Event Center
Bellevue Conference and Event Center

The venue for the rehearsal dinner will greatly depend on the number of guests invited for that night. Plus points if you could also invite the officiant to the rehearsal dinner!

3 months

We’re almost there!

1. Finalize honeymoon plans
… and coordinate with your travel guide and/or travel agency

2. Finalize ceremony and reception seating
… which must be thoroughly discussed during the rehearsal dinner. Finalizing the seating arrangement during the ceremony and the receptions are only possible if the guest list is already finalized and all the guests have confirmed their attendance on the big day.

3. Finalize hair and make-up with the official stylist
3 months from the wedding day, your stylist may come up with minor changes to your make up and hairstyle. Typically, your glam team will start to practice the makeup application and fix your tresses within the allotted period of time for the preparation. If the preparation for the hair and makeup takes up about 2-3 hours, then your glam team will practice at the same given time.

4. Purchase the guestbook, flower baskets, ring bearer pillows, and toasting flutes
Minute details like these are already being taken care of by the wedding planner. Unless, of course, you have special requests upon the purchase of these things mentioned.

5. Finalize the program for the reception and after-party
The first person to consult with this one is your wedding planner as he/she creates the overall wedding program and day-to-day activities. Aside from the wedding planner, make sure that the masters of the ceremony or the host get to be well-informed about the flow of the program in the reception.

2 months

Into the crunch time…

1. Rough draft of wedding vows
Pro tip: practice reading it out loud in front of the mirror! It manages stage fright and shyness to public speaking.

2. Review the ceremony details and reception program
…and inform your wedding planner as soon as you want to have changes with the schedule.

3. Apply for a marriage license
Make sure to secure a marriage license with two to three extra copies in the event that it might get misplaced and/or the original copy was damaged.

4. Final dress fitting with the entourage
This fitting determines the type of adjustments needed for the whole entourage including the brides and groomsmen.

5. Make arrangement and reservations for your bridal party
Your bridal party and the bachelorette’s party are some of the celebrations that your guests will surely look forward to. For the bridal party, you may want to treat your beautiful ladies to a spa day paired with a good manicure and pedicure to top it off. If the bridal party goes over 10 people, an early reservation is a must to avoid crowding with other customers. Plus, you get to reserve the whole place exclusively for your party.

1 month

Last call!

1. Confirm and follow up
During the last 4 weeks of your rollout, you must dedicate the time left in confirming the date, time, and location to vendors and caterers. Aside from that, this is also the time to confirm and finalize your honeymoon reservations.

2. Pick up
The last 4 weeks of your wedding preparations are also allotted for the pick up of your wedding rings and marriage license. Normally, a month earlier is recommended so as to give time for any correction in the personal information included in the marriage license.

3. Final dress rehearsal
One month can go by very swiftly. With that, you must take this time for your final gown fitting together with your shoes, accessories, and undergarments. More so, your dress rehearsal will have the presence of your stylist and the person who will do your hair and make up on the actual wedding day. The dress rehearsal is a good simulation of what it would be like during the actual wedding so as to give you an idea of the flow and pacing.

4. Thank you notes
Your very little spare time during the final stages of your preparation is dedicated to writing thank you note cards as a form of appreciation to your guests.

5. Final vows
Of course, if you got the time for writing thank you notes, you must also make time for rehearsing and doing the final touches to your wedding vows. Spontaneity is always nice, but stage fright must be conquered too!

2 weeks

We are all set!

1. Give the final headcount
Two weeks shy from your big day, your guests may or may not have already confirmed their attendance. You may want to follow up with the guests who have not called back yet. But nevertheless, take this as a sign to give the final headcount to the caterer, and consider those who are confirmed as the guests who will definitely be there. This will help the caterers accurately estimate the amount of food that they need to prepare.

2. Final look

Final look of the bride
African American Bride

In the remaining days or so, you should have already contacted your reliable hairstylist to do your final haircut and hair color; or perhaps a color retouch for your hair.

3. Delegate the wedding duties
Assign a group of people whom you think will be responsible and reliable enough to handle last-minute wedding errands and duties. Such duties include arranging the gift tables, guestbook, assisting the guests towards the parking spaces, calling in the rentals for additional chairs, send directions to the bridal car driver, and other guests, and so on. It is also best to delegate someone to return or drop off the wedding suit and gown at the laundromat or rental.

1 week

Inhale, exhale…

1. Make final payments to the vendors and personnel
Whatever amount you have agreed upon, we recommend settling your payments days before your wedding to avoid unnecessary stress on your end. 

2. Give final instructions to the photographer and videographers
…before they give their last touches for the same day edit and the video souvenir.

3. Prepare wedding clothes
Have someone to assist you in prepping up your wedding clothes, one that is probably knowledgeable in ironing out the creases on delicate garments.

4. Prepare wedding day emergency kit
You could coordinate this with your wedding planner because he/she is well-experienced for some wedding day blues and emergencies. These emergency kits may include some medicines, band-aids, bobby pins, and safety pins.

A day before the big day

1. Deliver the welcome baskets and wedding favors at the venue
… and make sure they are similar to the headcount!

2. Attend the rehearsal dinner
The rehearsal dinner is also a way of giving thanks to your guests who have also become part of this wedding journey. This could be an intimate dinner with your bridesmaids and groomsmen together with your closest families. The rehearsal dinner is a pre-celebration for the big day.

3. Sleep early!
You do not want to be late on your own wedding!


The big day

It is actually happening!

1. Have a heart breakfast to pump you up
The ceremony will probably take much longer, also taking into account the travel time going to the reception. With this, it might get you weary and exhausted even before the reception. Get yourself just the right hearty breakfast that would fuel your energy and keep you intact the whole day.

2. Take your time to prepare

bridesmaids westfield marriott dulles weddingRelax and stop worrying! Your stylist, hair and makeup artist, and your trustworthy wedding planner will take over the rest of the day. Your duty is simply to savor and celebrate the moment.

3. Give the wedding rings and officiant fee to the best man/maid of honor
This task could also be handled by the wedding planner herself. But sometimes, there are brides who opt to personally hand out the rings and fees to the best man or maid of honor.

4. Relax and be at the moment!
After almost a year (some even take more than a year) of hustle and preparation, you deserve this day with nothing but sheer happiness and celebration. So go and celebrate this journey with much joy and contentment!

Mimi Ebichi Events specializes in the craftsmanship and wonders of planning, organizing, and executing well-laid-out wedding celebrations. We put value in our commitment to deliver outstanding results to satisfy the needs of our clients. While there is no such thing as an actual perfect wedding, we make sure to give back beyond the trust and investment you put in making us part of your big day.

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Holiday Weddings Wedding Planning Weddings

Weddings During and After the Holidays: Yay or Nay?

There are couples who opt to celebrate their love during the most wonderful time of the year. Sure, this is a time for merriments, festivities, and all the people are in celebratory mode. Indeed, weddings during the Holiday season bring about a distinct mood and bliss.

However, there are also cons that need to be considered. As much as the season is one of the happiest times of the year, it is also the season where people spend the most money on. Here are the following possible scenarios that you may want to evaluate before deciding to have a Christmas and post-Christmas wedding:

1. Everyone is a busy bee
Holidays are meant to reconnect with families and friends. Because reunions and year-enders are just around the corner, people are busy with their last-minute shopping, buying presents, prepping up meals, and other preparations alike. The Christmas season is also a time where most of us have hectic schedules. Because of this, there is a good possibility that some guests might regretfully turn down your wedding invitation simply because of their busy schedules. You may want to consider that some guests may spend their Holidays out of town with their families which makes it extra difficult for them to attend your wedding.

2. Rates and Availability of Services
There are vendors and caterers that charge at a much higher rate during the Holiday season. If you are on a tighter budget, then the Holiday season might not be an option for you. Some caterers and vendors also spend their Holiday breaks, and you may not get the desired date that you have initially planned. Plus, you will be just one of their enormously many clients during this season that which may compromise some of your expectations of these vendors.

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3. Availability of the Venues
As mentioned in the previous item, vendors and caterers work under great saturation and pressure during the Holiday season. Venues for receptions are of course, under no exception at all. It may be difficult to book a good venue for your reception during the Holiday season because of the huge demands of clients. Usually, some venues are already fully booked for December just about 6 months prior to the Holiday season. Add to that is the threat of Covid. So that means, there might be less availability of venues to choose from.

4. Your wedding might just be one of their ‘to-do’ lists
The harsh reality is, celebrating your wedding during the Holiday season might not get the spotlight it deserves. For one, people are busy with their own Christmas celebrations with their families, and some may opt to just stay at home due to pandemic health concerns. People would be busy thinking about their own Christmas celebrations in this challenging time and this may cause them to give secondary attention to your wedding.

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In Mimi Ebichi Events, we make sure to give you only the best of celebrations and services for all seasons of the year. We are committed to delivering efficiency and quality of wedding planning services, simply because we value your once-in-a-lifetime wedding celebrations.

Budget Weddings Wedding Wedding Planning

How do I Plan a Nice Wedding on a Budget?

By the time that you are reading this, you are probably bombarded with a lot of questions in your mind. Aside from the fact that you are flying high with ecstatic visions of a blissful wedding, the responsibilities that come with wedding preparations may overwhelm you a lot. As the days go nearer leading to the big day, the anxiety gets bigger and more real, especially in the budgeting department.

Fret no more, because we have narrowed down some helpful tips in pulling off a budget-wise yet intimate wedding celebration for you.

1. What kind of wedding do you really want?
It is best to determine the type of wedding, to begin with. When you envision your wedding, what do you see? A sacred ceremony at the church? An intimate exchange of vows in the garden? Or a spontaneous celebration at the beach during sunset? If you need a little more inspiration to pump up your creativity, think about all the weddings that you attended before, seen on television, scrolled through on Pinterest, and the like. However, do not get all fed up with all the details just yet. The goal here is to focus on how you feel about the type of wedding that you want to consider.

2. Have the “talk”.
Both parties who will shell out money for the wedding need to have a serious, sit-down conversation about setting a total budget. In this way, you will become well aware of the types of services to avail of and vendors to negotiate with. While setting a budget surely is a tricky task, it is a lot easier if you could do a breakdown into categories and figuring out what percentage to devote to each category. Say, for example, 55% goes to the reception, 12% for the ceremony, and so on. Also, this might be your first experience budgeting together with your future spouse, what a priceless experience, right? Learning the importance of honest and open communication in the money department is going to lay the groundwork for managing your finances once you are married.

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3. What is non-negotiable?
Once you have made the percentages, take time with your fiancé to contemplate on the things that are nonnegotiable for your wedding. This can start with coming up with a top-three must-haves for your big day. They can be a garden ceremony, an outdoor reception, or a live jazz band – anything you deem is VERY important to the both of you.

4. Make room for allowance
Once you have set a wedding budget, it is best if you could give it a little allowance too. As we all know, there will be unexpected expenses along the way and your budget will determine how well you could attend to such expenses. Take these expenses into consideration by putting the extent of range into your budget. This way, you have the flexibility to handle any sudden expenses. Lastly, your wedding celebration is a huge event that demands extensive planning, that is why it is helpful to determine what you can get for a certain dollar amount. What does $5000 get you? How about $10,000? $15,000?

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5. Determine your venue wisely.
Considering the reality that the venue eats up the largest chunk of your budget, a simple outdoor venue can do the trick for you. If you are a couple who does not mind having a very simple yet intimate reception, you can host this ceremony at your home, your parent’s home, or a park nearby. The point is, an outdoor ceremony in your own space creates a personal meaning that eliminates the need for a grand, elaborate one.

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6. Contingency is key.
If you do decide to have an outdoor event, make sure to have at least three backup plans in case things do not work in your favor. The unpredictable weather can dampen your day, so make sure that you come up with a handy plan B or equip the place for it to become rain-proof.

Mimi Ebichi Events give utmost value to your celebrations – whether big or small. We not only plan your big day, but we also make sure to provide a contingency plan for the most unexpected events along with the preparations. For our team, your hard-earned money deserves a celebration that is worth the memories and a lifetime.

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