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How to Get the Groom Involved in Wedding Planning


Involve him from the start. Contrary to popular belief, your groom longs to be a part of the whole process. He wants to be aware of the cost and how decisions are made. Take time out and ask him for his thoughts, budget, colors, and dreams. You’d be surprised he would have some good tips too.

  • Give him a list

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Yes! You read right. Provide your Mr. handsome with a to-do-list that he will be excited for. Such as; pick out groomsmen tuxedo color, socks, shoe style, playlist, gift registry, honeymoon and bar choices. Thank me later!

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  • Let him select his groomsmen

I know you are not a fan of all his friends but this is also his night to have his friends stand by him. So let him choose his groomsmen and style that complements the wedding theme. This is why you get his input from the beginning so he can pair up nicely with your ideas.

  • Spend time with him

Wedding planning can be stressful and can strain your relationship. We do not want that and sure know you won’t entertain that. So, continue to schedule date nights and carve out moments where you are just having fun and being you without conversing about wedding plans. Take a break monthly and just chill.

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When you tap into some of these tips, you’d have a groom who will beam with his heart waiting for you at the end of the aisle without a doubt that he is marrying his best friend and woman of his dreams.

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