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How to Make Your Wedding Hair and Makeup Last All Day

The wedding hair and makeup complete the bridal look as they complement the wedding gown, bouquet, and accessories. Whether you are going for a dramatic look or a more subdued appeal, what matters most is how to make your hair and makeup last the whole day.

The last thing you want is to look drained or shiny on your wedding day. So today we are sharing bridal hair and makeup tips to ensure you look your best from morning until night.

Choosing your best wedding and makeup look

The first step to bridal hair and makeup is to decide the look that you want. Your choice of wedding dress already says a lot. Try it on and feel the vibe that it gives you. Relay this to your makeup artist and discuss how you want the whole affair to feel. What is the vibe of your wedding day? That is your guide.

Next, show her the colors of your florals. Your makeup should complement your wedding flowers. Not too overwhelming or mismatched. Include this in your discussion with your makeup artist.

A word of advice from

Your Color SchemeIf you have your wedding color palette picked out, you can use those colors as inspiration for your wedding day look. Incorporate the hues you’ve selected for your wedding day into your hair and makeup. (For example: If purple is your accent color, consider a muted violet smokey eye to match. If you’re going for a simple green and white color scheme, keep your hair and makeup on the same level by opting for a natural beauty look.)”

Last but not the least, schedule a trial session. It can be more than once if you want to experiment with a couple more looks. During the trial session, you can ask about the products that your artist will be using on your skin so you can asses if these are safe, compatible with your skin type, and if they can last long until the evening.

Tips for making your bridal hair and makeup last

Get a good night’s sleep the night before.

Actually, not just the night before. It would be ideal that you are fully rested 1 to 2 weeks prior to the wedding. This way, your skin remains healthy and surely your makeup will latch onto your skin to last longer. Always stay hydrated. You can also schedule a pampering session with your bridesmaids the night before.

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Stick to the skin care and routine that works for you

How to Relax on Your Wedding Day (and be a calmer bride!)

Now is not the time to experiment, dear bride. If there is a skincare product and routine that you feel comfortable with and has worked for you on a daily basis, just keep at it. You will need the same even on a special day like your wedding. Most likely, your skin is now familiar with your favorite skin care products and will naturally work wonders for you on your big day. Refrain from trying out new beauty products as they may have an adverse effect on your skin.

Have a beauty buddy

This can be your maid of honor or one of your bridesmaids who will be in charge of holding your makeup purse. She can monitor your look and be on the lookout if it’s time for a retouch or do some blotting of oil, stain in your makeup, etc. Ideally, she should be present during your hair and makeup session on the day itself.

Use lip liner

Line your lips and fill them in with lip liner. Then apply your lipstick, pat and apply a second coat. The colour will remain strong for longer. Because the day will involve a lot of kisses, drinking, and eating, better be ready with your lips!

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Matte makeup such as a translucent powder will keep oil at bay and can even create a mattified lipstick look! Matte makeup will be your best friend so your skin looks more flawless without the shine.

Choose waterproof mascara and lipstick

The easiest way to avoid smudges and stains on your face is to wear waterproof mascara and lipstick. As it will be an emotion-filled day, better be ready for anything!

How to touch up your wedding makeup

Layering and Setting

This process involves doing a foundation set-up first, then building light layers of makeup or powder onto your face. This will produce a more natural, flawless, and glowing look while allowing your skin to absorb the layers. Your makeup artist will be most skilled for this.

Blot Oil

When you feel oily on the face, take out those blotting sheets and powder to blot the oil so you don’t look shiny in the photos. Assign your makeup buddy (a bridesmaid) to look after your makeup so you have someone to do the blotting from morning until night.

Creamy concealer

If you need to use a concealer over an already done face, choose a creamy one. Apply dots on the area and smooth over using your ring finger. Then apply dusting powder so everything looks blended and natural.

Keep cotton swabs on hand

They can be used to remove excess makeup or smudge, blend your eyeshadow, and keep your lip lines clean after eating/sipping. Cotton swabs can rescue a makeup emergency so be sure to include them in your touch-up kit.

Extra Bobby Pins

Bridal Hair

An ideal hairdo is something that keeps your hair away from your face so you never have to brush or change anything. At the very least, keep some bobby pins on hand to keep flyaway strands in place after an evening of dancing.

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Doing the wedding hair and makeup is an art. Keeping it longer is even more tricky. But with the steps and tips mentioned above, you can just relax and enjoy your special day. Be sure to get the help of a professional bridal hair and makeup artist so you don’t sweat the small stuff!

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