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Why You Need To Get Wedding Insurance

One thing that doesn’t get talked about enough in wedding planning is wedding insurance. Don’t think it’s a necessity? Not sure exactly what wedding insurance is? We’re going to chat about a few quick tips on why your wedding needs insurance.

There are typically two types of wedding insurance: Cancellation insurance and Liability insurance.

Cancellation insurance covers you in the event of circumstances out of your control. If a hurricane rolls in or your venue floods, if there’s a fire or one of your vendors declare bankruptcy, you’re protected with this insurance. Depending on your policy, it can even cover lost wedding rings, damage to your wedding gown, gifts, or even lost photographs. Most companies recommend coverage based on your wedding budget, but you typically can choose the amount of coverage you prefer.

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Liability insurance (which some venues even require) covers you in the event that there’s property damage to the venue during your wedding or even if someone gets injured.

Insurance agents will be the most knowledgeable source for a discussion about policies, but from a planner’s perspective, it is highly recommended! Here are a few wedding insurance companies worth noting: Wedsafe, Wedding Protector Plan, Progressive, and Markel Insurance.

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