Our Process

D.C. Wedding & Event Planner: OUR PROCESS

Our process is fun, simple and transparent: Discover, Design, and Delight! We achieve this by evoking your emotions over a fun, relaxing and intentional conversation to gain thorough understanding of your vision. We love working with awesome couples that are savvy, discerning and love…LOVE! We long to hear the vision for your big day and how excited you are to have found the ONE! So let’s meet to:


(Complimentary initial meeting)

We believe that every wedding tells a story of two hearts. For this reason, Mimi Ebichi Events will consult with you in person or via phone because we believe in true connection. During this free initial meeting, we intend to discover the core of your person to help us deliver your dreams. We will have conversations such as but not limited to: Who you are as individuals, who you are as a couple, your vision or idea for the day, what do you want the event to look like? how do you want to feel on your special day? Location, your style, time of day, season of the year, guest count, budget range etc.

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As a lover of ethnic and multicultural weddings, we will inquire about traditions you would love to incorporate into your event (whether stationery design, cuisine, or custom outfit). To get here, you would have completed the CONTACT form and told us a little bit about you, your hopes and dreams for your day.

Once we both decide that we are a perfect fit, we will present our proposal. If all sounds great, we will present the agreement. Once the contract is signed and initial investment received, we will transition to the design phase where we put together vendor recommendations and all of the details that will make your event “YOUR OWN.”

Discover why so many have trusted us with their most precious moments.
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Your Experience: This is the start ofour fun and collaboration. It is also where we will spend the bulk of our time. At this point, we harness your senses to color, taste, smell, sounds, texture, and ambiance that are vivid. Our conversations will require descriptive responses that tell us the experience you want your guests to have. Such as; what they smell in the venue, what do they taste (drinks and menu), what do they hear (entertainment), what do they see and touch (linens, flowers etc.)?

During this phase, we will observe your collective inspirations from Pinterest, Instagram wedding magazines, and blogs however, we are committed to curating a wedding that is YOURS. To achieve this, some of our designs will be original, sketched or described, and not seen in real life. Relax! This is where we excel and remain committed to delivering an event that is tailored to you.

Guest Experience: Your guests matter! The most important way to deliver an impeccable and unforgettable guest experience is to plan, design and execute the event with them in mind and from their perspective as well. At every touch point, we literally ask and imagine what do they see, feel, taste and smell?

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Envisioning these ahead of time means we have the opportunity to plan and design accurately because we truly want to create an experience that reflects you as a couple.

Discover why so many have trusted us with their most precious moments.


This is the day you have long dreamt and waited for, the moment where all your dreams come to life. Beyond all the planning, lie the details in executing with finesse.

On this day, what you and your partner look like matters, what your guests will see, hear, touch and taste matters, the look and feel of the venue space matters. But don’t panic because with the help of our expert and creative partners, we will delight you and your guests with a safe, comfortable and cohesive atmosphere because we live in a visual world.

Our goal is to delight you and your guests of honor with an experience that transcends time and memory by carefully peeling every layer of sight, sounds, smell, taste and touch through which YOUR love story is revealed as beautiful as you. This is where we do our best work, and it’s in these moments that you allow yourself to be delighted and surprised. All we ask is that YOU be present for all of it.

Discover why so many have trusted us with their most precious moments.
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