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Persian Weddings in DC and Virginia: What Makes Them a Unique Experience?

Persian Weddings in DC and Virginia: What Makes Them a Unique Experience?

One of the most traditional Asian weddings is a Persian wedding. They date back to the time of Zoroastrianism, hence Persian weddings are loyal to tradition and religious belief. However, what makes them unique apart from carrying old customs, is that Persian weddings now integrate a modern twist.


Unique customs and traditions of a Persian wedding

One of the traditional practices of a Persian wedding is the giving of the Mahrieh. Upon asking the Persian bride’s hand from her family, the groom brings a gift called Mahrieh. This can be money or property. The Mahrieh symbolizes financial protection – it is given to the bride in the event of a divorce.

A Persian wedding is composed of two parts: The Aghd, which is the legal ceremony; and the Jashn-e Aroosi, the reception. If there is one thing you’ll find in most Persian weddings, it’s the fact that they are usually large events. Expect a lot of guests – family, extended family, friends, and even neighbors! However, the first part of the wedding, which is the Aghd is only attended by the closest family and friends.

The Aghd takes place around the Sofreh-ye Aghd. This is a special fabric spread that is placed on the floor. It has to be set facing the East direction towards the sunlight. The couple sits at the head of the spread, which may contain the following symbolic items:

  • Gold coins, a symbol of wealth and success
  • Eggs or nuts, which represent fertility
  • Honey or crystallized sugar, for sweetness
  • Two candelabras and a mirror, representing light and fire, a part of the Zoroastrian tradition symbolizing the couple and their future.
  • Incense to ward off the evil eye
  • Noon-e Sangak, a flatbread decorated with the blessing “Mobaarak-Baad”


Persian Wedding Dress Code

Persian Weddings in DC and Virginia: What Makes Them a Unique Experience?

Similar to Western weddings, Persian weddings are often a formal event with male guests in full suits and ties. The women, on the other hand, are all dolled-up with hair and makeup, formal gown attire, and expensive jewelry. It is a very formal event that guests are expected to come in their best attire.


Aroosi: The Persian Reception Party

Now, the Aroosi is the life of a Persian wedding! It is one of the wildest celebrations you could ever attend with everybody dancing! In fact, it is normal to see guests take off their shoes just to be more comfortable dancing throughout the reception party. Once is truly encouraged to have fun! It is good to note that the “Baba Karam”, the traditional Persian dance is performed at almost every Persian wedding. So it is ideal to pick up some dance moves on this. Check out our wedding planning services if you need help creating your Persian wedding reception.


Western influence to a Persian wedding

Modern Persian couples take a cue or two from Western practices. For one, it is now common for Persian couples to share wedding expenses. Aside from that, they also practice a lot of the usual parts of the wedding reception party like:

  • The first dance of the wedded couple
  • The wedding toast
  • The garter and bouquet toast
  • Cake cutting

After the cake cutting, everyone proceeds to the dance floor as they shower the newlyweds with rose petals. This is another tradition unique to a Persian wedding.


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