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The Complete Wedding Transportation Guide

What is a Wedding Transportation Guide?

Wedding transportation is just as important as most or any of the parts of a wedding. Basically, it is how you as a couple, your bridal party, family and guests will travel to and from the destination venues.

A wedding transportation guide is a roadmap on how this can be achieved. It includes a checklist of…

  • Pick up and drop off points (including airports, if relevant)
  • Timings and schedules
  • The type/s of transport vehicles to use
  • Contact information of service vendors
  • Names or groups of people to shuttle
  • Invoices to be paid
  • Designated parking areas
  • Confirmation notices

It can be daunting to keep track of all these. That is why it is important to have a point person to manage this such as a wedding planner.

You might be asking: How can we plan our wedding transportation?

Here are tips on how you can better plan for your wedding transportation.

Look for reliable professionals

Check out star reviews or ask your wedding planner for advice. The truly reliable service providers will help you determine the type and size of vehicle/s you need. They know the road and traffic conditions in their locale, so they can guide you in terms of scheduling. They are also knowledgeable of city transportation laws and any other fees to pay. It’s highly important to hire reliable professionals to secure a smooth run of your wedding event schedules. 

Book ahead of time

The best ones always get fully booked in advance. So once you determine your requirements, the number of people to transport, pick up and drop off points, and schedules – BOOK EARLY. This way you will get first dibs on vehicle selection and secure a reliable provider on your wedding day. This tip is especially important if you wish to use specialty cars.

Sort out your travel time

Be sure to give allowances for guest preparations, traffic, and other unexpected travel constraints. Your professional transport service can surely give you advice on timings. They can help you come up with a more realistic timetable and routes. Update your schedule to give some leeway for delays, etc. 

Include transportation information in your invitation

Maps and schedules will be useful for guests who will be driving to the venues. In the invitation, ask in advance who are planning to bring their own vehicles and who will be taking the provided shuttle service. List down the names and give this to your wedding planner so they know who and how many to expect. Provide information about pick-up, drop-off, and timings to your guests ahead of time.

Consider riding comfort

The size and type of vehicle play a factor in this. If you are having a destination wedding with weekend activities for guests, size and vehicle comfort are truly important. Also, there should be enough space for them inside the vehicle as they will come all dolled up and wearing gowns to and from the ceremony venues.

Make allowance for drop-offs.

Some guests may want to stay longer after the wedding. They won’t be leaving all at the same time as compared to when they all arrived on time at the start of the event. To solve this, offer shuttle service on stand-by some a few hours before the end of the night so guests can leave at their preferred time. The transport service can make multiple routes to ensure guests are well taken care of until drop off.

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Who should you transport?

Destination Wedding Car

If you provided a reply card in your invitation, you will know who will be bringing their own cars and who will be taking on the transport service. Once you have the names, note down their pick-up points and drop-offs. The bridal party will normally come as a group as they get prepared in a hotel or the designated dress-up venue. Find out who will be the relatives and friends coming from the airport. Of course, the bride and groom will also need transport services.

Wedding Transportation Checklist

  • Discuss guest transportation preferences if needed, including pickup locations and schedule.
  • Discuss bridal party transportation preferences as needed, including pickup locations and schedule.
  • If separate transportation is required, discuss transportation for the bride and groom to the ceremony.
  • Review transportation options.
  • Book transportation and note down their contact information, invoice and payment details.
  • Set the transportation schedule. Add the details to your wedding day timeline.
  • Make parking arrangements or hire valet services, as needed for the ceremony and reception.
  • Post guest transportation information & schedule to your wedding website, or include it on the invitation for transportation RSVP.
  • Confirm transportation to the airport.
  • Confirm final guest count for guest transportation and reconfirm schedule and pick-up location details with all transportation providers.

Types of Transportation for Wedding Guests

Depending on the number of guests to transport, your style (i.e. vintage cars), your budget, as well as the locations involved, there are several types of vehicles you can choose from. Remember to always consider riding comfort and space for all. Here are some of them:

To accommodate a bigger group:

  • Wedding Transportation Bus
  • Mini bus
  • Coach Rentals

For bride and groom, or a small group:

  • Wedding Car Rental
  • Guest Carpool

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