Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony Checklist

The wedding ceremony is the heart and soul of a wedding event. We have extensively discussed its importance and how to plan the ceremony with your groom and wedding planner.

For a clearer roadmap on how to build the wedding ceremony of your dreams, we are sharing here today a useful checklist to follow. Timelines are given to serve as a guide.

6-8 Months:

  • Discuss and decide on general ceremony preferences.
  • Research religious requirements for pre-marital counseling and others, as needed.
  • Review the marriage license and any requirements for the location of your wedding.

2-3 Months:

  • Confirm readers for the ceremony and share with them appropriate information.
  • Begin writing your own vows, if desired.
  • Review ceremony details and decide on the ceremony standing order for the bridal party, processional & recessional order and reserved seating.
  • Start working on your ceremony programs.

3-4 Weeks:

  • Prepare marriage license application & any required paperwork.
  • Finalize your ceremony programs.
  • Finish writing your vows.
  • Designate ushers for the ceremony.
  • Confirm witnesses for the marriage license, if required.
  • Purchase a suitable pen for a marriage license or certificate signing, if you desire.
  • Obtain a marriage license.

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1 Week Before:

  • Review seating details with ushers and provide a list of guests as needed.

The most important thing when planning your wedding ceremony is to discuss what matters to both of you as a couple. What traditions do you want to honor in your own families, and which ones you want to include as a personal choice. Afterall, a wedding is the beginning of a shared life together.

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