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Vidaai Ritual in Hindu Weddings

What is Vidaai?

One of the most emotional and vivid moments of a Hindu ceremony at an Indian wedding is the “Vidaai.” This ritual means “goodbye,” also known as the official farewell or send forth of daughter to from her parents. It is basically the Indian bride farewell ritual.

How can the thought of being separated from their child not swell up the parents’ eyes? We cry too as we witness this teary moment between father and daughter, daughter and mom, siblings, family members and well-wishers.

Vidaai Wedding Ritual

All the previous ceremonies are only a build-up to this ceremony. Everybody loses control during the Vidaai because it is the moment of truth.

Traditionally, it marks the beginning of the bride’s life as a wife. It also signifies the end of her role as a daughter. Before leaving for her in-laws’ house, the bride performs a ritual which involves throwing rice and coins backwards over her head into her maternal home before crossing the doorstep. It ensures that her home always remains prosperous.

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The ritual also depicts that she is repaying her parents for bringing her up with so much love. It is a symbol of the bride wishing for her parents’ home to always remain healthy, wealthy, and prosperous.

Why do brides cry during Vidaai

No matter how less the distance between her in-laws’ house and her maternal house is, almost every bride cries during Vidaai. During this ceremony, the idea of being separated from her parents takes a real form in the bride’s mind. It is certainly unbearable.

Hindu Weddings Vidaai Ritual

The flip side of Vidaai is a happy fact: It is the beginning of something new. It marks the beginning of the couple’s life together as husband and wife.

What is the significance of Vidaai

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The transition phase is now over. They embark on the beautiful and exhilarating journey of marriage – sharing each little happy, sad, frustrating, and hilarious moment together – as man & wife.

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