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Congratulations to all the engaged brides and to all the current and future Mimi Ebichi Event couples, welcome home! You are our tribe and family.

Every year from Christmas to Valentine’s Day and special moments in between lies engagement season. We love to hear the stories of the butterflies in your tummy when your partner gets on one knee or flies across the sky popping the ultimate question, “Will you marry me?” You are ecstatic, anxious, excited, shed a tear or more, scream for joy and say YES! Now the season of love and thoughts of forever are ignited and we are here for all of it.

How to Hold Your Bridal Bouquet: 3 Tips

If you are like most, there’s no doubt that planning your wedding is made up of hours on Pinterest, flipping through magazines, and chatting with your friends about what you want your dream day to look like, but there is also the nitty-gritty side of wedding planning to consider, and that is where your wedding planner comes in.

A: Mimi comes from my Nigerian middle name “Mmiliaku” meaning Spring of Wealth and Ebichi is my last name meaning the Staff of God.

A: Mimi Ebichi Events Inc. has run successful businesses in the industry for over 7 years. We are a wedding and event planning boutique located in Mclean, VA serving the Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. area. We specialize in multicultural wedding and events, and have successfully planned over 75 “private” luxury events around the globe. To ensure each client receives unparalleled attention to detail, and each event treated with utmost priority and decorum, we only plan few events each year.

A: Excellent question! On average, it takes between 250-400 hours to plan a full wedding from start to finish. This is time that we’d love for you to have to continue nurturing your relationship and ultimately enjoying peace of mind before your big day. From researching the vendors that perfectly fit your style and taste, to planning out the details that reflect your personality, the wedding planner does it all so you don’t have to. Besides that, a wedding planner also helps develop your budget, review your vendor contracts, negotiate on your behalf, map out and design the flow of your event to achieve the ultimate guest experience you envision. We are more than just a planner; we become your family during the process and beyond.

A: When venues have a catering or event manager/coordinator on site, their central role and duties is to oversee and ensure the logistics of the venue are in place, i.e. correct number of tables in the room, proper cutlery count on the table, serving and bar staff properly groomed etc. It is not within their job description to confirm and coordinate your vendors, run wedding rehearsals, oversee vendors on your wedding day, cue you down the aisle, cue your musicians and wedding party and ensure that all your dream details are running according to schedule, but that of your wedding planner! While venue coordinators are great at what they do, their priority is to run the facility, so they have the venue’s best interest in mind only.

A: As much as possible because access to good information is paramount in delivering the wedding of your dreams. We however recommend the following; guest count, budget, wedding date, location (local or destination) etc.

A: Great question. This is a service catered to clients who desire a comprehensive and expert guidance in the planning, design and event management process. This service can sometimes be from helping your partner plan the engagement, to the final details of whisking you into the plane for your honey moon. This is our specialty and completely customizable to fit your needs.

A: Thank you! What sets us apart from others is our love and passion for multicultural and ethnic fusion with a touch of modern glam and desire to deliver “luxury your way.” We meet you right where you are and work diligently with you to capture your vision and bring the story of the authentic “YOU” to life. Read what our previous clients say about us here(that should link to Love letters).

A: Absolutely! We truly believe that “Team work makes the dream work.” Wedding Planning is tough work and requires various hats to be worn throughout the process, and this is why we spend time to truly understand our client, their style and personality. When we work as a team, we have experts in all the parts of the planning and creative process which are necessary to make your wedding dreams a reality. This partnership of skills ensures that all of your design and coordination needs are covered. When you hire a Mimi Ebichi wedding planner, we have YOUR best interest in mind because we work for and with you. As your wedding planner we develop and have great relationships with the venues we work with and this can only benefit you in the long run. We work side by side to ensure all your planning needs including, ceremony logistics, vendor procurement and timeline logistics are met.

A: We are pleased to utilize digital client management tool to organize, track and plan every event. You will have access to this customized tool and if, technology is not your thing, no worries. We still have our old fashioned pen and paper system. You will find me most times with my pen and gorgeous folder.

A:Absolutely. We carry general liability coverageand encourage all our clients to hire vendors that are licensed and insured. We also recommend that our clients invest in a wedding insurance to protect them.

A: As with life, some of our clients relinquish every detail to us while others prefer to be hands-on. For this reason every service is customized to fit the vision, style and budget of the client so you can decipher what you really need. Our most basic service starts from $3,500 depending on several factors such as; budget, guest count scope of service and more.

A: Sure thing! Our passports are always ready as most of our clients host their events in Nigeria, Dubai and the Caribbean so we are always ready.

A: We would absolutely love to cater to you. Please contact us here and to schedule your complimentary consultation so we can see if we are perfect together.


We are often asked, “How much will my wedding or event cost?” The truth is your wedding or event will cost as much or as little as you want it to cost. Event costs varies depending on the number of guests, scope of event, event length and what is selected within each category.

Your investment applies to the overall cost of the event components we manage. Our fee provides a Lead producer, lead designer and associate producer along with some administrative expenses.

One of our specialties is helping you build a budget around the scope and complexities of your event. Please contact us directly to discuss additional details or submit an inquiry here

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