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Mimi Ebichi Wedding Planners Maryland Virginia DC


At Mimi Ebichi Events, we are mindful of your heart, your relationship and your investment. We respect you, your family, culture and values. Therefore, we carefully listen to your dreams and vision for your celebration. In doing so, we curate a personalized experience where every detail is meaningful and unforgettable.

Mimi Ebichi is an Intentional Wedding Planner


We are intentional in our planning process to deliver your dreams because we realize that you have chosen us out of many to share your heart and this moment. This is why we are transparent in our communications, design, transactions and execution: all this is aligned with our mission to honor your tradition through your most important celebration.

Mimi Ebichi Wedding Planners Maryland Virginia DC


That moment when you realize that your forever love is here to stay can only be described as magical. We want to ensure that the magic never fades so from conceptualization to realization, we plan with precision and no detail is left unturned.

Mimi Ebichi is an Intentional Wedding Planner


The moments we spend getting to know you is our biggest asset because we learn your personality and respect your choices. We also care about your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being, so we work to provide you peace and comfort during and beyond the process.

We are the right fit for you if:

You value your time:
You can relax and enjoy while we provide you with our signature white-glove service leveraging our trusted network of vendors, sparing you the hassle of looking for venues, vendors or ideas for your day.


You truly care about your big day:
Therefore, you’d like to partner with an “event architects” who has 10+ years of planning, designing and coordinating events, and can translate your dreams into words, a solid concept and a personalized experience that fits your style, values and budget.


You appreciate an honest educator:
When it comes to your investment, knowing and understanding the potential cost of your dream event is the foundation to having a successful event. I value your financial well-being, so I ask about your dream experience first, then help your breakdown your budget into your dream vs reality.


You want proven results:
With 10+ years of planning, designing and coordinating events ranging from $35k to $49million, managing 10 to 3,000 guests, Mimi Ebichi Events enjoys and continues to collaborate with clients who trust and value our expertise.

So, whether you are seeking a full planning and design service or needing that “bird’s eye” view to manage your plans, we are equipped to serve you. I would love to meet you, laugh with you, share a meal or coffee with you but most importantly, touch your heart.

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