About Us-Washington D.C. Wedding Planner

Nno! (Welcome in Igbo)!

I am so glad you are here.

Who We Are

We are boutique events and wedding planners in Washington D.C. specializing in love celebrations and multicultural weddings. Our combined experience as designers, attorneys, project management and Information Technology lends to a unique blend of precision, attentiveness and authenticity to our approach in planning, designing and executing events.

As a diverse group of loving, caring, fun and detail-oriented professionals, we are inspired by love, culture, fashion, and family values. Our love for people and culture has taken us to the shores of North America, Arabian deserts, the tropics of the Caribbean, and the greens of Africa. We appreciate trends but, love a classic and timeless ambience.

Driven by our faith, appreciation for family, and heart for people, we are dedicated to planning events with vision, designing with focus and executing with love. Whether it’s an intimate celebration in virginia’s wineries, a lavish wedding in MGM National Harbor, a destination wedding in Cancun or corporate gala at the International Spy Museum , we aspire to create unforgettable experience UNIQUE to you and your guests. Simply put; “We Deliver Luxury, Your Way.”


Hi lovely!

I’m Mimi! Your event curator, dream translator and executor of your heart desires. For over 10 years, I have immersed myself in helping clients celebrate LOVE “their own way.” I’m often asked what separates me from others, and my answer is simple and firm; PURPOSE, PASSION & HARD WORK!

I was born to serve and unite families in LOVE. A discovery I made as a child who grew up with loving parent, siblings, grandparents and family all around. My later grandfather, “His Royal Highness” enjoyed hosting people and held lavish celebrations during coronation of other royals. A trait picked up by my dad, and evident in his heart for hosting and celebrating occasions with my mom.

As a daughter born to Nigerian parents, pursuing a career as a lawyer, physician or other prominent field is the norm. I followed my mom’s footsteps to study law but spent a great deal of my career in healthcare finance. Throughout my corporate career, I never let my desire to show, embrace and celebrate love fade. I simply stepped into the shoes I knew I was created to fill and have never looked back. With each event, I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity I’m given to learn different love languages, work across the ocean and start the journey of a lifetime with my clients.

I would love to meet you, laugh with you, share a meal or coffee with you but most importantly, touch your heart. LOVE is a beautiful thing and I never turn down the right opportunity to celebrate it.


Our Commitment To You

 is to embrace your VISION with clarity, handle your HEART with care, respect you, your family, your CULTURE and exceed your expectation with LOVE. 

We understand that there is more to a wedding than flowers and an exotic timeline, so we strive to connect with your heart because that is truly where the magic happens. Melting your heart at every turn in the process is what we have dedicated our lives to do, so that together; we create and engrave beautiful and lasting memories.



  • My faith is my foundation
  • I love family + culture.
  • I am an only daughter and totally a daddy and mummy’s girl.
  • Starbucks vanilla latte served extra hot (no foam) or Iced is my daily juice.
  • My style is transitional (african print mixed with modern/western flair).
  • I love to dance to a good beat.
  • My favorite event is, WEDDINGS!
  • My favorite wedding moment is…. All of it (really…hahahaha). I have soft spot for father-daughter dance as I am a daddy’s girl, and the big reveal of event space.
  • Largest event planned had 3,000 guests.
  • I love to volunteer
  • Favorite vacation is somewhere on a clean and calm ocean front.