Wedding Planning Guide

A wedding is one of the most significant and memorable events in a person’s life, and planning for it can be both exciting and overwhelming.

From selecting the perfect dress and venue to choosing the right vendors, there are countless decisions to make before the big day.

A wedding planning guide is an essential resource that can help couples navigate the planning process with ease.

This comprehensive guide provides expert advice and tips on everything from budgeting and timeline management to venue scouting and menu selections, ensuring that couples have all the information they need to plan a wedding that reflects their unique style and vision.

Mimi Ebichi Events is your personalized wedding planning coach to hold you hand and spill magic on your most special day.

For the Newly-Engaged Couple

“We are finally getting married!” is probably one of the most fascinating and exciting lines to hear and say. But after all the best wishes and congratulatory messages, what comes next?

Check out this ULTIMATE Wedding Planning Timeline perfect for the clueless and newly-engaged couple.