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It’s true that there is no wedding without a bride or groom, and it is also true that beautiful and successful weddings happen with a qualified team of vendors. Your vendors specialize in different areas such as floral design,  Entertainment, decor rental, design, cake design, catering, wedding planning and the list continues.

  • Choose a vendor who meets and offers your style. If you love to incorporate your culture into your event, ensure that your vendor loves cultural events and has been involved in at least one or two events.
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  • Ensure they are currently registered and have at least general liability insurance. This will give you peace of mind.
  • Budget: I know you love pinterest and instagram but make sure that the vendor can work within your budget. In the wedding and event planning industry, you get what you pay for. Be upfront about your budget with your potential vendor so they can provide you with the best value for your investment.
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  • Honesty: This virtue will save you time and give you value. Be honest with your vendor about your budget, your guest count and scope of the event. This is the only way we can serve you properly. For example, if you plan to have 150 guests and tell your venue you’d only have 100 guests, you are setting your event up for disaster. This is so because your caterer will be less 50 meals, your venue that has set up for 100 may charge premium for last minute change of head count and sourcing chairs etc. It’s simple: be honest and we will find the best possible way to accommodate your needs.
  • Communication: Be discerning and know what you want. Your vendors will rely on your transparent, honest and open communication to design and deliver your dreams. If you aren’t good with email response, please communicate that ahead of time. Be very clear and kind with your delivery so as not to hurt your vendors. Happy vendors=beautiful and timely event=ecstatic, overjoyed couple and guest.

While you digest these part 1 of how to develop and achieve successful vendor relationships, take a look at this stunning inspiration.

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