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What You Need To Know About Changing Your Last Name

You’re finally married, the honeymoon was wonderful, and now your finally back home as newlyweds! This means it’s time to do the not-so-fun stuff, like changing your last name. Don’t let it get you down though (and don’t put it off!) because it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Get your paperwork together in advance, and follow these tips, so that changing it after the wedding is a breeze.

Marriage License

You’re going to need this as proof that you actually got married, so make sure you crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s and have the official copy you need.

Social Security Card

This is the first place you should start. You’ll need to fill out the appropriate form with the Social Security office, and make sure that you have your current card and birth certificate with you when you apply.

Driver’s License and Passport

Now that you’ve got your social security card taken care of, it’s time to go to the dreaded DMV and change that license. This is a great time to update that address too if you’ve moved in with you new sweetheart. You should be able to get the application for the passport change online. Make sure you take the marriage license in for these!

Employers, Insurance, and Banks

You’ve taken care of the identification items, so now make sure you update your banking information, credit cards, insurance, and any W-2 information with your employer. You’ll want to get these done as soon as possible, so that there aren’t any issues with your money spending or when tax time rolls around.

Everything Else

Sure, the official stuff is done, but don’t forget everything else! Newsletters, store rewards cards, memberships and subscriptions, and social media are just a few of the places you may want to update that last name!

Congratulations! You’re officially a Mrs.!

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