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Why is wedding ceremony important?


The wedding ceremony is one of the major, if not the top highlight of a wedding. It brings two people together in the presence of God, family, and friends. This is why it’s very important to carefully plan your wedding ceremony. If you and your partner are undecided about having a wedding ceremony, here are good insights to consider.

1. It celebrates the sanctity of marriage.
If you are born from a religious family, we are pretty sure that you are very well aware of the sacredness of marriage. Many couples further celebrate the beginning of their marriage by conducting a sacred ceremony together with their beloved friends and family.

2. It signifies the start of your marriage.
Your wedding ceremony is where your marriage officially starts. It’s where it breathes life, it’s where it takes shape. Your ceremony is where you and your partner declare your chosen promises, vows, and aspirations together. To put it simply, this is where you celebrate your commitment together.

3. It gives you a sense of ownership.
Having a wedding ceremony that you can call your own gives you a feeling of having a prized possession. The ceremony allows you to celebrate your commitment and love in front of the people you hold dear. Take your wedding ceremony as something that is worth celebrating and investing in.

Importance of wedding ceremony 14. It gives the blessing of marriage.
The most important part of your wedding ceremony is the homily or the message from the one officiating your wedding. It will bless not only your marriage but also provide guidance in whatever trials that may come along your new journey together.

5. It is what will keep you down memory lane.
If there would be one thing that you will remember about your wedding, it would be the ceremony itself. In a few years’ time, you may have already forgotten what your reception was, but you will never forget the moment you walked down the aisle and the vows you have promised to each other that day.

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